MMA Mania Moneypool 3: Joben's Revenge - Treasurer's Report

To my fellow Moneypooler's, my apologies for taking so long to get my shit together and post this.....ideally I would be sending this out after the 2nd event, rather than the 7th event. Regardless, here's an update as to where things sit........As of this writing, and after kicking some deadbeats out of the camp that haven't paid, or just stopped making picks, I can sadly report that we only have 22 active participants this season. The smaller the roster, the smaller the payouts, so we'll need to get back on the recruiting trail before the next season starts. Here are the payouts for this season:

  • 1st place - $140
  • 2nd place - $70
  • 3rd place - $30
That will leave a balance of $200, which will cover next season's entry fee's for the 10 event winners this season. There are a total of four (4) entry fees that I still need to collect, I will email those that I still show as unpaid and we'll get it ironed out.

Only 3 events remaining........can Takataka hang onto to his slim lead, or will he fall to the angry force that's riding his tail? For those that are wondering, yes I am clairvoyant. There's a reason this season was named "Joben's Revenge." Tune in to see if his rage can carry him to victory!!

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