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Conor McGregor thanks Anderson Silva for leg-break advice: ‘I’ve had very little support’

“Notorious” recently expressed his appreciation for Anderson Silva’s support in the aftermath of his leg break vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Conor McGregor recently shared his gratitude for fellow former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) titleholder, Anderson Silva.

McGregor and Silva share championship accomplishments in UFC. They also share the unfortunate honor of breaking their legs in UFC main events. Silva — who snapped his leg against Chris Weidman (see the pic) at UFC 168 in Dec. 2013 — offered McGregor some advice as he recovers from a leg break (watch here) in the aftermath of his Dustin Poirier fight at UFC 264.

“[My advice] for Conor right now is, take time and continue work and continue doing the physiotherapy, continue working [the] upper body and stay mind outside the fight game,” Silva recently told Submission Radio. “Just keep the focus on your recovery, and don’t think about you gotta fight tomorrow or in six months. Just recovery your body. Stay ready to prepare your mind for when you’re back, you’re back strong, you’re back better.

“Your mind, you need to stay ready and connect to heart to make you more powerful, to continue challenging yourself and prove how much you love your job and how much you can continue to do this when you have the same Anderson, the same Weidman, the same Conor. Mentally it’s very important.”

McGregor expressed his appreciation for Silva in a recent social media post.

“I appreciate this message greatly Anderson, thank you,” McGregor captioned an Instagram post published on Wednesday. “You know, since this freak injury happened to me, I’ve had very little support from my fellow colleagues. In fact quite the exact opposite. The claws came out. But no worries! I love a little scratch from a b—ch. See yous when I get ya’s you’s little nobodies! Happy ‘little Saturday’ everyone.”

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