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Thor Bjornsson calls out next opponent: ‘Enjoy your life buddy, I’m going to knock you out soon’

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“Game Of Thrones” Season 8 Premiere After Party Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Former World’s Strongest Man champion and Game of Thrones star, Hafthor Bjornsson, improved his boxing record to one win and two draws on Saturday night (Sept. 18, 2021) with a dominating win over replacement opponent Devon Larratt, whose claim to fame comes via arm wrestling (watch highlights here).

Originally, Bjornsson was set to face off against another World’s Strongest Man champion, Eddie Hall. Unfortunately, Hall blew out a biceps at the end of July and had to pull out of their fight. But, that doesn’t mean Bjornsson is done with that particular match up.

Following his win via referee stoppage, “The Mountain” took to the mic and declared he still wanted Hall.

“You guys know who I want to fight. You guys know. Who is it?”

Cries of “Eddie” came from the in-the-know United Arab Emirates crowd.

“Yeah, I know he’s at home chilling in the sofa with his popcorn and cola,” Bjornsson said. “Enjoy your life buddy, I’m going to knock you out soon.”

Bjornsson is a big man, and he came into his bout against Larratt at an astounding 323 pounds. Hall is even bigger, most recently weighing 355 pounds. Both men were even bigger during their World Strongest Man reigns, with Bjornsson weighing 423 pounds and Hall hitting 432 pounds.

Poor little Larratt slimmed down from his arm wrestling weight of 293 pounds to fight at 273 pounds, 50 pounds lighter than his opponent.

The size difference won’t be as big when Bjornsson and Hall face off. And in Hall’s mind, he has an advantage: Bjornsson has never seen him box.

“Me and my coach have worked out his movements, seen his footwork, seen his punches and we’ve worked a game plan on what we’ve seen,” Hall said (via Yahoo! Sports). “He has seen absolutely zero, I haven’t given him anything to work off. Little bits of pad work, a few drills here and there, but he’s not seen me spar one little bit, so he doesn’t have a clue what’s coming.”

While no hard date has been locked to reschedule Thor Bjornsson vs. Eddie Hall, Yahoo! Sports reports the fight is being targeted for the end of March 2022.

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