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Midnight Mania! ‘Drunk’ Jorge Masvidal keeps DMing Jake Paul to talk trash

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul have a strange relationship. At one point, the two were friends or even something of training partners. Masvidal still does not look favorably upon Ben Askren, so when Paul was building up to take on “Funky,” Masvidal offered him some technique tips and instruction.

“Gamebred” was extremely pleased with the outcome of that bout.

However, the situation changed when Paul agreed to fight Tyron Woodley. Masvidal and Woodley are longtime friends, share management, and have both represented American Top Team. In short, Masvidal was more loyal to “T-Wood,” predicting the former Welterweight champ to ‘knock the f*ck out’ of Paul prior to their bout.

Of course, that prediction didn’t come to fruition, and now they’re potential foes! Elaborating on his new beef with Masvidal, Paul revealed that the two are frequently talking trash via Instagram’s direct messaging system.

“The most recent one is Masvidal and I, literally in the DMs just going back and forth with each other. He can’t type by the way. Like he legit can’t type, it’s the weirdest thing.” Paul said on a recent episode of the FULL SEND podcast (transcription via Middle Easy). “I said ‘Bro, you need to get a grammar book because all this writing is f—king your s—t up.’ I think he was drunk when he was (messaging me).”

Paul then proceeded to read one such message (h/t BloodyElbow), which read “I fight because I love it, man. Money ain’t shit. I got tons of it. ‘I fight so I can brake (sic) ‘fools’ faces and enjoy the ride. You know you could ever see and chage (sic).”

Does this beef elevate past Instagram? It’s a marketable enough fight but certainly a dangerous one for Paul, plus it would require UFC President Dana White’s permission. Still, crazier things have happened!

The Return Of Shameless Self-Promotion

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Midnight Music: Freddie Gibbs dropped a freestyle over the beat from a Drake’s new album, so at least one good thing came from that release.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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