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Joe Rogan tests positive for COVID-19: ‘I got fevers and sweats’

UFC commentator, comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan contracts COVID-19.

Joe Rogan has contracted COVID-19.

Rogan — a commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), comedian and renowned podcast host — revealed on social media tonight (Weds., Sept. 1, 2021) that he has been battling the ailment since early this week.

“Hello, friends. So, I got back from the road Saturday night feeling very weary. I had a headache and I just felt rundown,” Rogen explained. “Just to be cautious, I separated from my family, slept in a different part of the house. Throughout the night I got fevers and sweats, and I knew what was going on. So I got up in the morning, got tested and it turns out I got COVID.”

Rogan went on to describe the potential various remedies he took, some with more scientific backing than others. He detailed his recovery and how his coronavirus diagnosis would affect his upcoming comedy shows.

“Here we are on Wednesday and I feel great. I really only had one bad day. Sunday sucked,” he shared. “But Monday was better, Tuesday felt better than Monday and today I feel good. I actually feel pretty f—king good. That’s the good news. The bad news is we have to move the Friday show in Nashville. It’s going to move to Sunday, Oct. 24th. So that will be the new Nashville date.”

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