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Anderson Silva defends Jake Paul, shuts down haters and purists — ‘It’s an entertainment game’

Social media star Jake Paul has taken over the world of combat sports.

Nobody in MMA really gave two shits until “The Problem Child” started racking up wins over former UFC welterweights. That includes last weekend’s split-decision victory over former champion Tyron Woodley in Cleveland.

Former UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva was impressed.

“They did a good job, Tyron did a good job,” Silva told Submission Radio. “I think Paul, Logan doing hard job and working hard. And let me tell you something important, the Paul brothers made the new opportunity for people thinking about how entertaining is not about proving nothing to anybody, it’s just to put two big names inside the ring and doing the big show. And of course you’ve got the talk show. Logan talks a lot, your brother talks a lot, but this is entertaining, this is good. Because in the final day, when you see the life for these two kids, these are good guys, they’re not bad people. They just try to bring for every single person, especially your fans on YouTube and Instagram and everything, more entertainment.”

Despite his goofball antics, Paul has provided paydays for combatants who may not have anywhere else to compete. In addition, his online feud with UFC President Dana White has continued the conversation on fighter pay.

One of the reasons Woodley took the Paul fight.

“I respect both, and I think the fight was very interesting,” Silva said. “A lot of people thought Tyron Woodley won, and a lot of people thought, ‘oh no, Tyron Woodley lost.’ But a fight is a fight. You can control inside the ring, but outside you can control nothing. You can’t control the judge, you can’t control people’s talk. You can [only] control your body and your mind inside the ring. The kids didn’t go inside the ring for a joke, and everybody saw that. The kid’s [Jake] working a lot. The people can’t imagine how much pressure these kids have. Especially right now, the kids proved everything’s possible in this entertainment game. And I think right now the kids need a rest, they need to relax. And when you’re back, take the good opportunity and fight. That’s my opinion.”

Like his brother Jake, Logan Paul has also laced up the gloves for celebrity boxing matches, taking on “sweet science” icon Floyd Mayweather earlier this year in Miami. Not surprisingly, that pay-per-view laugher garnered its fair share of criticism.

“It’s an entertainment game,” Silva continued. “It’s not boxing at the same level as the professional, amazing and great boxers. That’s a different level. That’s ranking. You don’t have rankings [here], you don’t have title belt. It’s only for entertaining. And that’s a different sport, that’s a different level. It’s boxing, but it’s a different level. It’s not the same level for Canelo or Triple G or Pacquiao. It’s a different. It’s different, it’s completely different. The people need to understand that.”

Silva has done some post-UFC boxing of his own, recently upsetting established pugilist Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Mexico. His next bout will come against fellow MMA export Tito Ortiz in a catchweight affair under the Triller Fight Club banner.

For much more on that upcoming showdown click here.

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