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Video: MMA fighter smokes opponent with flying knee KO at face-off

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Someone must have gotten the wrong date for their fight.

Someone must have missed the memo that flying knee knockouts are permitted from face-offs.

There have been many heated staredowns gone wrong in the mixed martial arts (MMA): from the pull-apart brawl between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier (watch here) to Jeremy Stephens’ fight-ending shove (watch here) of Drakkar Klose. A recent incident at the face-offs for Zames Fight Club can likely be declared the king of staredowns gone wrong. You can watch the video above.

One unidentified fighter approached his opponent for their photo op. Without hesitation, the stationary fighter sprung up with a flying knee and smoked his foe. The victim immediately stiffed up and fell backwards. Fortunately, one of the staff on hand caught the hurt fighter before his head hit the floor. Unfortunately for another staff member, the dazed fighter got up and immediately punched the third party square in the jaw.

Zames Fight Club is a bare-knuckle fighting promotion based out of Minsk, Belarus. The organization had an event scheduled for Sat., Aug. 28 from Prime Hall in Minsk.

What do you make of the staredown attack. Let us know in the comments below.

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