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Pic: The Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley scorecard makes no sense


Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley went eight full rounds on Sunday night (Aug. 29, 021) in front of a sold-out Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. At the end of it, the judges awarded Paul the win, but it was a close thing. Two judges had it 79-74 and 77-75 Paul, while a third judge saw it 77-75 Woodley.

We had it 78-75 Paul ourselves and were kind of shocked to see a split. Looking at the scorecards, it makes even less sense. Phil Rogers, the judge who gave the fight to Woodley 77-75, gives Woodley every round from the fourth round onward.

Now, the fourth round is where Woodley ganked Paul with a big right that had Paul in retreat until the bell. But, Paul recovered well enough between rounds and went back to out-working Woodley, whose volume issues in mixed martial arts (MMA) ported over into boxing.

Strange scores in boxing aren’t anything new, so we’re not even really surprised. And hey, Woodley taking the fight in one judges’ eyes may be exactly the kind of salve some sensitive MMA fans need to feel better about a former UFC champion getting beat by a 24-year-old Disney kid.

But, we know what really happened out there — Woodley got out-worked (watch highlights). Sure, He nearly took Paul’s head off, too. But, that only wins him the one round ... well, in most judges’ eyes.

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