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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley complete event recap and highlights

Catch up on all the action from the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley pay-per-view (PPV) event with this complete breakdown of the card.

Earlier tonight (Sun. Aug. 29, 2021), social media star Jake Paul look to continue his unlikely rise through the world of boxing, squaring off vs. former UFC kingpin Tyron Woodley. In addition to the high-profile main event clash, however, there were several other very legitimate boxing matches, as well as a potential opponent for Paul in Tommy Fury.

Let’s recap all the bouts, as well as mix in whatever highlights the generous folks on Twitter provide!

190 lbs.: Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

For the first time in his professional career, Jake Paul was tested.

In classic Woodley fashion, the former Welterweight champion opted to throw very few punches. Naturally, this came back to bite him on the scorecards, as Paul secured three rounds in the bag before things even got interesting. Fortunately, Woodley finally woke up in the fourth, and he landed a pretty huge right hand.

Say what you will about “T-Wood,” but his power has never been in question — he managed to rock the iron-jawed Vicente Luque just a few months ago! Paul’s knees gave out, but credit to him, he managed to hang tough against the ropes and survive without coughing up a knockdown.

After that moment, Woodley was more confident, and his volume, well ... it didn’t exactly skyrocket, but it did improve. The final four rounds saw the momentum swing as both men fatigued and fought hard, but ultimately, Paul’s early success carried him to victory.

It wasn’t an amazing fight, but Paul did manage to prove his grit.

126 lbs.: Amanda Serrano vs. Yamileth Mercado

Is it not wild to consider that actual boxing champions competed on Paul’s undercard? Such was the case of the co-main event, which featured the unified world Featherweight champion Serrano, a feared knockout artist and seven-division strap-hanger. Mercado is no slouch herself, ranked at No. 2 in the world for her usual division of Super Bantamweight.

From the first bell, Serrano was in control, landing her quick left hand and walking her opponent down. Mercado tried to find counter punches, but she was never really able to earn Serrano’s respect. In addition, Serrano built on her apparent speed and power advantages by repeatedly ripping to the mid-section, increasing her lead further.

Serrano was unable to add to her knockout total, but it was a dominant win nevertheless.

Heavyweight: Daniel Dubois vs. Juiseppe Cusumano

Dubois did not come to play around! The 24-year-old prospect scored yet another knockout — his 16th in 17 wins! It took just about a minute for Dubois to score his first knockdown on US soil, and in truth, Cusumano looked badly hurt when he returned to his feet.

Cusumano tried to fire back a couple rights, but Dubois stayed on him, ripping power punches to the head and body. Two more right hand knockdowns forced the referee to call the bout in the very first round.

140 lbs.: Ivan Baranchyk vs. Montana Love

Quality match up alert! Love is a solid prospect in need of a step up in competition, whereas Baranchyk was the more experienced man with a penchant for violence. One of the closest match ups on the whole cards from a betting perspective, this one was scheduled for 10 rounds.

After a feeling out process, Love was the man who really started landing, dancing around the outside of the ring while timing body shots and counters. Baranchyk answered back in the third, however, stunning his foe with a gigantic right hand swing that nearly sat him to the canvas. In the final seconds of the third, there was a controversial moment, as Love managed to connect on a right hook that hurt his opponent while the referee was breaking up the action.

The fourth and fifth featured a pair of bizarre instances in which Love stunned his foe but failed to follow up, opting instead to pose for the crowd a bit. Love’s smooth counter punching continued to flow, resulting in a nasty left uppercut knockdown in the seventh.

Baranchyk was saved by the bell, but he corner opted to throw in the towel. Great fight overall, but Love’s performance was really excellent and showcased stellar movement.

180 lbs.: Tommy Fury vs. Anthony Taylor

The main card opener was a clear-cut example of planning ahead. Fury has been discussed as a potential foe for Paul — what better way to introduce him to Paul’s teen audience then by having him savage some 0-1 boxer on the same card? On the flip side, “Pretty Boy” Taylor looked to score his first pro win as a boxer, though the Bellator veteran has seven victories inside the cage.

Fury held an 11 inch reach advantage and additional half foot of height.

This was not a close bout. It was also not a good one. Fury’s size advantage was enough that he was able to control the exchanges and bully the smaller man, but even so, Fury was never able to seriously hurt — let alone knock down or knock out — his opponent. Early on, Taylor was flinging overhands and at least trying to win, but by the second half of the fight, he was doing more holding on than anything else.

It wasn’t exactly a great sell for Fury to top the next PPV.

A Final Thought

Holy crap, this event was so much more enjoyable to watch than the Triller Fight Club: Paul vs. Askren event. It ran at a reasonable pace, and there were some genuinely great boxing matches leading up to the main event. Only a single squash match, no endless concerts, and no drunken commentary crew ... Hurray!

For complete Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley pay-per-view (PPV) event results and play-by-play, click HERE!

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