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Kevin Lee explains downfall of ‘frustrated’ Conor McGregor: ‘Drugs are a hell of a thing’

Combat sports superstar Conor McGregor finally convinced his UK fans that he wasn’t an international drug dealer and now fellow UFC lightweight veteran Kevin Lee went and reopened that can of illegal worms.

Blame this pic.

Lee was commenting on the fall of McGregor, who not only lost back-to-back fights against Dustin Poirier — falling to 1-3 at 155 pounds — but also lost the respect of his peers after his “classless” behavior during his UFC 264 fight campaign.

“I see a guy who is very frustrated and kind of staying with the same old schtick. It’s not showing any growth in your game or who you are as a person when you rely on the same things,” Lee told James Lynch (transcribed by Adam Martin). “But it’s gone to a different level. I dunno. Drugs are a hell of a thing. Drugs really take you out of it. I dunno. Best of luck to him, though. It seems like he’s going through a rough time, and it happens. But to me as a competitor, I never really looked at him, anyways. But of course, that fight still interests me, why not, why wouldn’t you do it? But I hope he’ll be able to pull it together.”

McGregor was known for being just as dangerous on the mic as he was inside the cage, leading promotion president Dana White to dub “Notorious” the UFC version of Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest trash talkers of all time.

Though it failed to work on this impervious foe.

It’s important to note that McGregor has never failed a drug test in either MMA or boxing and outside of claims like this, no hard evidence exists to suggest “Notorious” is anything but a loud-mouthed self promoter.

With a nasty temper.

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