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Dillon Danis clashes with Diego Sanchez over proposed bare knuckle fight: ‘I don’t wanna go to jail for murder’

MMA: Bellator 198-Danis vs Walker Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports

Dillon Danis hasn’t fought in well over two years, but it’s not for a lack of trying. It seems like the Conor McGregor henchman is calling out a different opponent each and every week in hopes of landing a lucrative matchup of some sort.

Danis was back at it again earlier this week when he revealed that a “huge offer” was made to former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping for a clash inside the bare knuckle boxing ring. Bisping laughed the callout off, but Danis was serious about his intentions.

“A huge offer has been made to @bisping to box me let’s see if he mans up and takes it,” wrote Danis.

While Danis is 15 years younger than Bisping and an active professional fighter “El Jefe” is not known for his striking. Danis is a world-renowned grappler who would likely get clobbered in mere seconds if he ever decided to step inside of the ring with someone like Bisping.

Following his callout of “The Count,” Danis was targeted by former UFC veteran and current MMA free agent Diego Sanchez. “Nightmare” has already been linked to a potential crossover into bare knuckle boxing and believes he’s a better matchup for Danis than Bisping. After Sanchez mocked Danis for being a “big gangsta” Danis responded with his own verbal warfare.

“Box me Dillon I’m closer to your size/age & would fight you at any weight in any sport! You are a BIG GANGSTA WHY DONT YOU POP YOUR CHERRY AND BARE THOSE BJJ KNUCKLES IN @bareknucklefc,” wrote Sanchez

“I don’t wanna go to jail for murder stay outta this little guy before you get hurt,” replied Danis.

Sanchez, who parted ways with UFC earlier this year, has vastly more experience than Danis when it comes to fighting professionally. That’s not to say Danis couldn’t get lucky and land some good punches on the feet, but he’d be overmatched from the opening bell in a boxing match with “Nightmare.” The same could be said about Danis and Sanchez meeting up inside of the cage, which Sanchez also proposed under the rules of Jorge Masvidal’s new bare knuckle MMA promotion.

“@GamebredFighter what’s up with that no gloves Mma @dillondanis thinks his Bjj is fire I’ll put that fire out real quick with these bare knuckles was up let’s make some money,” wrote Sanchez.

What say you, Maniacs? Do you want to see Danis vs. Sanchez? If so, who do you think comes out on top?

Let’s hear it!

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