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UFC champ Charles Oliveira supports Dustin Poirier’s desire to chase money over titles — ‘He’s right’

UFC 236: Holloway v Dustin Poirier 2 Charles Oliveira UFC 269 MMA news Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Dustin Poirier is now a father and one day “The Diamond” may have to put his kids through college. Last time I checked, institutions of higher learning did not accept UFC belts as an acceptable form of payment.

Sorry, but you can't use that UFC belt to pay the dentist bill either.

That’s why Poirier is using his fame — and his fighting prime — to secure as many big-money fights as possible. “The Diamond” has already scored consecutive fights against Conor McGregor, the sport’s most profitable opponent, and wouldn’t say no to a potential Nate Diaz payday.

Reigning UFC lightweight titleholder Charles Oliveira ain’t even mad about it.

“Today nobody wants to know about a belt,” Oliveira told Ag Fight (transcribed by Adam Martin). “They want to know about ‘money’, about money in your pocket. The fight against Conor made a lot of money for Dustin Poirier, a fight against Nate will make a lot of money too. We are human beings. It depends a lot on each person. I would rather fight for the belt than for the money. I had a focus. I wanted to be UFC champion. Today I’m UFC champion, I want to make money, I want to have money in my pocket.”

The next logical contest for both combatants is an Oliveira vs. Poirier title fight atop one of the year-end pay-per-view (PPV) cards. That said, the promotion has yet to contact “The Diamond” about his Octagon return, which could suggest it’s first putting feelers out for Diaz.

“If Dustin agrees to fight Diaz, is he wrong? No, it’s not wrong. He is right,” Oliveira continued. “You have to see what’s good for him. Everyone has to choose what is right for them. They considered my fight against Diaz and I said that if it was for the belt, I would fight. Before I fight for the belt. I had a focus, which was to fight for the belt. A lot of people said to me: ‘This fight will make you a lot of money,’ and I said: ‘Okay, but money is not the focus now, I want to be UFC champion’. Today I’m UFC champion, now I want to make money. Everyone has a way to choose. Today I am the champion. I’m not worried about who will be or who will not be, who has to chase who will fight for the title, it’s them, it’s not me.”

Oliveira captured the crown by smashing Michael Chandler at UFC 262.

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