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Kayla Harrison: PFL needs to offer ‘life-changing money’ to keep me

PFL needs to pull out its checkbook or sign worthy talent if the promotion plans to retain the former Olympic champion beyond the 2021 season.

Kayla Harrison has legacy goals in mind, and if the Professional Fighters League (PFL) wants to retain her service, it will need to pull out the checkbook or sign some big names.

Harrison (10-0) is on the path to her second PFL playoffs championship — she collides with Genah Fabian (4-1) at PFL 8 this weekend (Thurs., Aug. 19, 2021) inside Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla., via ESPN and ESPN+. Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans have been clamoring for an eventual clash between Harrison and Amanda Nunes in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Beyond the PFL 2021 season, the two-time Olympic gold medalist wants to build her legacy or make a boatload of money.

“Obviously, I have these next two fights in front of me. These are the most important things. I gotta go out there and I have to dominate and instill my will,” Harrison told “I’ve also come to the realization that if PFL and I are going to negotiate, and if they’re unable to bring in new talent or whatever, they’re going to have to offer me life-changing money in order for me to be willing to give up my chance at a legacy. That’s kind of where I’m at mentally. I know the PFL is negotiating with my manager now. That’s stuff that I let them deal with. I have a job to do. I’m going to go out there and kick ass and chew bubble gum. The rest will work itself out. I have no doubt if I do everything right, the rest will work itself out.”

Harrison also touches on her undefeated professional MMA record.

“It’s something I don’t put a lot of emphasis on. It’s there, it’s great, it’s fantastic,” she shares. “But I’ve lost many times in Judo. When I’ve had those big setbacks, they propelled me to an even bigger comeback. It’s not something that if I lose, I’m going to run away and be done, but I don’t plan on losing. I’m here to take over. I’m a freight train and I’m coming through.”

Harrison vs. Fabian headlines PFL 8 on Thursday.

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