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Video: Watch Mike Tyson absolutely wreck the pads training at 55 years of age

Mike Tyson continues to amaze at 55 years of age.

One might not expect it given his marijuana-blitzed appearances on his Hot Boxin’ podcast, but “Iron” can still move ... and move fast. New footage of him training and absolutely killing the pads has the Internet buzzing about his next exhibition fight.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to be reported on that front. After facing Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout back in Nov. 2020 (watch highlights), Tyson said he wanted to turn around quick and fight again before summer 2021.

Now, the summer days are dwindling away and still no Tyson news.

There seems to be some issue getting Evander Holyfield in the ring. There’s also legal action from Triller that could be holding things up. Nothing seems to be looking good except for Mike’s hand speed, which is damn fast for someone over a half-century old.

So what’s going on behind the scenes? Rumor has it Tyson could face Lennox Lewis before the end of 2021. Honestly, we just wanna see the former champ work, so whoever it needs to be to get a deal done, good. Go for it — sign us up.

We’re ready for another one.

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