In Memory of a Mania Legend- David Nathan Strapp ( TomSelleck23 ) My Buddy Thomas!

Tomorrow, August 14th, will be the one year passing, of one of the wittiest members Mania has ever had, TomSelleck23 I've said it before, Mania isn't the same without him and damn do we miss him.

How is it a year later, a grown man can sit at his computer and shed tears writing a FanPost, about a guy he has only chatted to online? Some guys have that "IT" factor, like CMac use to have. A way with words, a certain charisma, a charming personality, we all wish we had and are drawn to.... Thomas was that guy, here at Mania.

Rather than me go on and on, I hope you will all join me in celebrating Thomas's memory and sending out our Mania love to his family. It's moments like this, I wish I had Thomas's or Funky's way with words and could do the man justice.

" Almost passed today and might tonight so saying my goodbyes to some of the best dudes I've never met. Can't name you all now but know this; MANIAC FOR LIFE." August 1, 2020 TomSelleck23

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