Just to say...

Thanks to all who have welcomed me to your community.

I've been a long time lurker here , well over a year and you guys cheer me up sometimes.

I love the banter you all have and looking forward to joining in , aswell as making me laugh I've also seen some sad times on here , especially with the Tomselleck situation , When I read what Taiter and others wrote about him it nearly brought me to tears and I'd never spoke to the guy but I know he was well liked and respected. I regret not joining sooner so I could've at least introduced myself.

Shows what an amazing community you are .

Was debating for a while whether to post or not but I'm glad I did , I know people argue and fight but when it comes down to it you look out for each other , makes mania pretty unique in that sense.

I'm sure il get some stick at some point, esp when I'm kicking ass in the money pool and taking your monies haha.



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