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Dana White silenced by dirty little secret from Brendan Schaub — ‘The greatest one, ever’

UFC 165 Weigh-in Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Eskimos shouldn’t throw stones in glass igloos.

That was a lesson UFC President Dana White learned (the hard way) after trying to clown his former “brother” and retired heavyweight bruiser Brendan Schaub. Turns out “Big Brown” has a big secret regarding White’s dirty laundry and it sounds like the Las Vegas fight boss doesn’t want any of those stains coming out in the wash.

That’s according to longtime MMA referee “Big” John McCarthy.

“Brendan Schaub pulled off the greatest one, ever, with Dana. It was just the best,” McCarthy said on the Weighing In podcast (transcribed by Milan Ordonez). “Because back then, Israel Adesanya was (about to) fight, Brendan Schaub made a comment about something, and Dana basically came out saying ‘Don’t ever listen to him, he couldn’t fight. He got knocked out by everyone,’ all the stuff he said, which was wrong. It was just wrong for Dana to say it.”

He didn’t just say it, he “pulled his dick out and peed all over” Schaub.

“But the response by Brendan was great,” McCarthy continued. “The last thing being, ‘this is not the way that Eskimo brothers act. And if you want to keep talking, I will let everything out.’ I knew exactly what he was talking about, I’m not gonna say what it was. But you noticed that Dana right away had no more comments for Brendan Schaub at that time. Because there was something really there.”

You can read the sleazy definition of “Eskimo Brothers” in this post.

Despite the animosity between Schaub and White, “Big Brown” recently told the combat sports community that he was no longer going to contribute to the negativity already on display from his former boss, though he may revisit the matter in his upcoming tell-all book.

Abel, meet Cain.

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