what is the difference in mma websites?

this is something I have often thought about but have yet had an appropriate opportunity to present. however after reading a few recent comments and having the right buzz, I want to hear some other Maniacs takes on the topic. i'll cut to the chase, if I google search 'mma latest news' it pulls up a host of suggestions. as of this last year the search result 'sbnation' can be one of two of which I am adamant and one of which I despise. so to keep from being fooled into 'clicking' an a B.E article, I now just type mmamania (youre welcome mmamania). on to the point, if Mania and B.E are both under the same umbrella, why is there such a contrast in standards? why does Mania seem like its run by Bill Clinton and b.e seems like its run by Kim jong un? Ive read many testimonies here, many of us have experienced the same problem, so what is the real deal? does it come down to moderation preference? any mod here (cory) or any other mod please feel free to shed some light on this inquire (as long as it wont get you fired). to sum up the entire post, is the difference between being a member of Mania or a member of B.E as simple as either you have an asshole boss or you dont?

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