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Video: ‘Savage’ Joe Rogan survives 20-minute ice dunk — ‘I don’t know how I did it’

“He should be quite well protected ... if he survived the freezing process, that is.”

Imagine going back in time and trying to convince those Titanic passengers who were launched into the North Atlantic — via Iceberg Express — that future generations will voluntarily plunge their perfectly-healthy bodies into freezing waters because bro science commands them to.

“I’m not sure how I did it, but I did 20 minutes inside the ice bath,” UFC color commentator Joe Rogan told his Instagram followers. “The Morozko Forge cold plunge keeps this thing at a steady 33 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s fucking wild. I was shivering after this for a solid 30 minutes. I drove to work, it’s 90 degrees out in Texas and I had the AC off and I was shivering the whole way to work.”

UFC champ Rose Namajunas can relate.

Perhaps this was product placement for Morozko Forge, or just another one of those stunts that in my day, barely got you into a filler episode of That’s Incredible! Either way, it’s worth mentioning that ice therapy has received a chilly reception over the last few years.

That won’t stop Rogan’s adoring sycophants from showering him with praise:

You’re a savage!

Beast mode!

Like a Super Saiyan in the healing chamber!

Let’s hope Rogan warms up in time to make his return to the commentary table at UFC 265 next month in Houston, otherwise they may have to stuff him inside Daniel Cormier, the closest thing you can get to a Tauntaun in “The Lone Star State.”

Stay frosty!

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