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Miranda Maverick releases statement after getting hosed by judges at UFC Vegas 32

“Fear The” may not say she got screwed by the judges in her fight with Maycee Barber, but we will. Miranda Maverick got screwed by the judges!

UFC Fight Night: Barber v Maverick Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Bad decisions come in all sorts of fun flavors, but there’s nothing worse than the sort where every round has a clear winner yet the judges still manage to bork the scoring. That was the case at UFC Vegas 32 when Maycee Barber won a split decision over Miranda Maverick.

Maverick clearly won the first two rounds. Barber won the third. There’s no debate, everyone agrees (except maybe Maycee Barber’s dad, but you know how he is). But two judges saw it differently, and now Maverick is no longer undefeated in UFC. She also doesn’t get paid her win money, which in case you’re new here is 50 percent of her paycheck.

Maverick shared her thoughts on the situation via social media after the bout.

“Only those who have been here know how much this hurts to post. I lost… no if, ands, or buts,” she wrote immediately after the defeat. “I did not do enough and remained too inactive in the 3rd round, among other things. I’ll be back better every time working on various skills.”

She continued to accept blame for the defeat in her follow up later that night.

“Not fierce enough this time,” she wrote on Instagram. “But I can say over my years… I’m a quick learner and will be back scarier than ever before.

“I’ll let the feeling of devastation set in for tonight and be back to working my a$$ off tomorrow as I do every day,” she continued. “The knowledge that almost an average year’s income for me in the past was just ripped out of my grasp. That much closer to paying off my dream property/home. Setbacks are not something I expect, but I am prepared to ensure they are corrected.”

I hate that we have to take bad scoring into consideration, but it’s something almost every UFC fighter learns about firsthand sooner or later. Maverick just got a very expensive lesson in not leaving it in the hands of the judges. We imagine she’ll come back leaner and meaner than ever.

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