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Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 19: ‘Platform Showdown’ results and highlights

Before the more experienced scrappers throw down, BKFC 19 will feature a “Platform Showdown” consisting of YouTuber vs. TikTok stars.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Earlier tonight (Fri. July 23, 2021), Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) 19 began from Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida. Though some high-level scrappers will be competing throughout the night, the big focus on the early preliminary bouts revolved more around Internet fame than pugilistic skill.

Everyone’s chasing that Jake Paul money.

Of course, there is some joy to be had in watching amateurs connect bare knuckles to virgin face bones even if Internet stars are not your jam ... at least until viewers realized they were duped! Despite competing on a BARE KNUCKLE event, these athletes had big old gloves on! I don’t blame them, but that was still a major disappointment.

Still, check out the available highlights below, as well as some brief recaps of the bouts:

Blue Face vs. Kane Trujillo

In the most entertaining clash of the “Platform Showdown,” Blue Face chased around a smaller foe and pretty much kicked his butt. Unlike the rest of the combatants, it appeared that Blue Face actually put some work into his hands, allowing him to show a bit more composure in socking up the smaller man.

Trujillo earned a moral victory by managing to survive to the final bell, but he took a beating in the process.

Official Result: Blue Face defeats Kane Trujillo via decision

Nick Ireland vs. DK Money

The first fight set a low bar, yet this lackluster battle perhaps limbo’d beneath it. Money was the bigger of the two men, and that resulted in a strong first round. However, Ireland hung tough, and the tide began to turn somewhere in the middle frame with Ireland landing some hard shots near the bell. By the end of the contest, both men were tired, but Money was downright fatigued, resulting in a close decision that ultimately went to Ireland.

Official Result: Nick Ireland defeats DK Money via decision

Evil Hero vs. Dakota Olave

This ... was not good. Between the two, Hero had just a bit of form to his punches, which was all it took to keep Olave incredibly hesitant for the full three rounds. Hero took control early and never let up, taunting his former friend by the midway point of the fight, confident that little offense was coming his way.

Official Result: Evil Hero defeats Dakota Olave via decision

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