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Midnight Mania! Michael Bisping breaks down ‘ludicrous’ Jackass 4 stunt involving ball-busting Francis Ngannou

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UFC 218: Overeem v Ngannou Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Francis Ngannou is a power-punching phenom. He reportedly holds the record for hardest punch ever recorded over at the UFC Apex, but one doesn’t need fancy lab equipment to recognize the obvious: Ngannou hits people, and they go down hard. “The Predator” is a scary man!

Besides his status as Heavyweight champ, his knockout artist reputation is why Ngannou was recruited by the Jackass 4 crew for a bit. How did they make use of Ngannou’s incredible gift?

“That’s the craziest thing that I’ve ever seen. Man, I had to punch somebody in the nuts,” Ngannou said (via MiddleEasy), “I did it the first time, (and they said) ‘Listen man, we know you. People know that you’re the hardest puncher in the world. It wasn’t hard enough.’ I was like ‘Are you kidding me? Like, I’m nervous, I could hurt this guy. Did he at least have kids or something?”

What are the physical consequences of such a brutal impact? Former Middleweight champion Michael Bisping — a man who has endured some serious physical trauma — broke it down on his Believe You Me podcast. Shockingly, the prognosis was ... not good!

“This is ludicrous,” Bisping said (via MMAFighting). This is crazy. They’re going to let Francis Ngannou punch them in the balls as hard as he can. Punch them in the nuts for Jackass 4. That’s insane. There’s just no way.... (That’s like) a Toyota Prius going at a healthy pace. Your Uber driver takes his eye off the road for a split second and where does he hit you? Right in the balls. Listen, I don’t know man. How much money would they have to pay you for Francis Ngannou to punch you in the balls as hard as he can? There’s no way! There’s no amount of money! That would explode a testicle!

“Francis Ngannou will pop your balls. They will explode like a balloon. If he punches you with bare knuckles to the testicles, it’s a bad day at the office. Simple as that.”

To wrap this thoughtful piece up, let’s conclude with an MMA “Would You Rather” scenario. Would you rather take the aforementioned “Predator” uppercut to testes or endure legendary kickboxer Raymond Daniel’s spinning back to the same target?


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