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BKFC 19 results, LIVE stream fight coverage for ‘VanZant vs Ostovich 2’

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BKFC presents KnuckleMania Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Paige VanZant will return to the bareknuckle arena later TONIGHT (Fri., July 23, 2021) in an attempt to earn her first win under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) banner when she takes on Rachael Ostovich in the five-round main event of BKFC 19 at Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida.

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Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action! will deliver LIVE coverage of the BKFC 19 PPV main card below, which kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on FITE TV.

Ostovich will be making her promotional debut after receiving her walking papers from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in late 2020 on the heels of three straight defeats, which includes a submission loss to VanZant at UFC on ESPN+ 1 in Jan. 2019. For VanZant, a win is crucial here since she is just 1-4 in her last five combat bouts, which includes going 1-3 in her last four fights with UFC. “12 Gauge” also came up short in her BKFC debut against Britain Hart and now she looks to make a statement by going up 2-0 on the Hawaiian-born fighter.

In the co-main event, former BKFC Heavyweight champion, Arnold Adams, takes on unbeaten (4-0) bareknuckle brawler Michael Terrill, while the aforementioned Hart returns to face Jenny Savage in women’s Flyweight action. The card also features social media platform match ups (YouTube vs. TikTok) such as Blue Face vs. Kane Trujillo, Nick Ireland vs. DK Money, and Evil Hero vs. Dakota Olave.

BKFC 19 Quick Results:

125 lbs.: Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich - Ostovich via unanimous decision (highlights)
265 lbs.: Arnold Adams vs. Michael Terrill - Adams via third round KO
125 lbs.: Britain Hart vs. Jenny Savage - Hart via third round TKO
125 lbs.: Taylor Starling vs. Cassie Robb - Starling via first round TKO
125 lbs.: Abdiel Velazquez vs. Geane Herrera -Herrera via second round TKO
150 lbs.: Blue Face vs. Kane Trujillo - Blue Face via decision (Post-fight brawl here)
145 lbs.: Nick Ireland vs. DK Money - Ireland via majority decision
140 lbs.: Evil Hero vs. Dakota Olave - Hero via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Terry Janoski vs. Richard Carsten - Janoski via first round KO
185 lbs.: Jared Warren vs. Zion Tomlinson - Warren via first round KO
185 lbs.: Jay Jackson vs. Damon Bell -Jackson via third round KO
155 lbs.: Branden Allen vs. Jordan Nash - Nash via unanimous decision
265 lbs. Chris Jensen vs. Kyle McElroy - Jensen via first round TKO
165 lbs.: Josh Sikes vs. Tony Soto - Soto via unanimous decision

BKFC 19 Round-By-Round Updates:

Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich

Round 1: VanZant goes in quick and Ostovich returns fire with a huge shot. Slip from Ostovich. Dirty boxing on the inside and Ostovich is getting the best of the exchanges here. Straight right hands for VanZant, more dirty boxing. Uppercut from VanZant same from Ostovich. Big right hand from Ostovich as she steps in. What a round. a close one at that. 10-9 Ostovich

Round 2: Jab from VanZant, Ostovich steps in with a nice right hand. VanZant with a nice snap to her strikes. VanZant using her jab nicely. Ostovich whiffs on a huge right hand. VanZant lands a right hand as Ostovich gets a bit careless going in. VanZant again with a double jab. Shot to the body from Ostovich but it doesn’t do much. 10-9 VanZant

Round 3: Ostovich cracks VanZant’s jaw with a big right hand. Another right hand for the Hawaiian, and another. Overhand right from Ostovich, she’s picking up the pace. Ostovich looking for the homerun shot while VanZant is a bit more methodical in her approach. Another HUGE right hand for Ostovich, now shots to the body to end the round. 10-9 Ostovich

Round 4: VanZant stalls Ostovich’s attack with a stiff jab. Right hand from VanZant. Ostovich moving her right hand around, maybe it’s hurt. Ostovich cracks VanZant with another HUGE right hand that rocks the “it” girl. She manages to stay on her feet, but she is on wobbly legs. VanZant clinches and Ostovich trying to separate to continue her attack. Ostovich goes in with a flurry of strikes to assure she wins the round. 10-9 Ostovich

Round 5: VanZant needs a knockout here. Jab from Paige, left hook, nothing lands clean. Ostovich once again counters with a right hand that forces VanZant to retreat. Need more action from VanZant. Ostovich has slowed down a bit, too. Nice one-two from VanZant. Ostovich clinches, up against the ropes. 30 seconds remaining. Ostovich with yet another right hand, it’s been there all night. Dirty boxing to close out the fight. 10-9 Ostovich.

Final Result: Ostovich defeats VanZant via unanimous decision

Arnold Adams vs Michael Terrill

Round 1: Jab to the body from Adams. Adams lands a right hand. Terrill with a right hand to the body. Both men are cautious to begin. Overhand right hurts Terrill. Clinch from Terrill. Adams with a clean left hand that lands. Dan Miragliota issues a “hugging” warning. Adams with a right hand to close the round. 10-9 Adams.

Round 2: Terrill is cut above his left eye. Adams is looking really relaxed in there, Terrill then rocks Adams with a big left hand but no knock down is called. Adams now picking up the pace, Terrill with some dirty boxing on the inside. Adams whiffs on a huge right hand. Terrill with a nice jab to close things out. Good round for the Brit. 10-9 Terrill

Round 3: They clinch early and both men looking to dirty box. Adams ducks on a right hand from Terrill and then Adams drops Terrill with a huge looping left hook to the jaw. Terrill doesn’t get up to continue and the fight comes to an end in rather anticlimactic fashion.

Final Result: Adams defeats Terrill via third round KO

Britain Hart vs. Jenny Savage

Round 1: Not a ton of action one minute in. Hart tries to utilize her jab while Savage circles. Hart corners her foe and starts unloading big shots to the body, head, body. Nice work from Hart. Savage is game, though, as she fires off her own big shots. Savage with a nice Hook. Things started off slow but then picked up toward the end of the round. 10-9 Hart

Round 2: Good right hand from Savage and Hart clinches and starts unloading big shots. Savage isn’t backing down. Hart is super aggressive here. Savage is the underdog here but she doesn’t seem to be fazed. Hart with some nice body shots, Savage clinches and there is a break in the action. Sneaky left hand lands for Hart. 10-9 Hart

Round 3: Big right hand finds its target for Hart and once again she goes in with a flurry. Savage with a left hand that connects. Hart not backing down, being aggressive while Savage clinches. Hart clinches again and starts connecting with three straight clean punches right on the kisser. Savage’s face is really starting to show the punishment. Hart isn’t stopping, she keeps on firing and Savage keeps standing, but for how long? Not long enough, the referee steps in to put an end to the fight with one second left in the round.

Final Result: Hart defeats Savage via third round TKO

BKFC 19 Round-By-Round ‘Platform’ Fight Updates:

Blue Face vs. Kane Trujillo

Round 1: Trujillo coming out aggressive, not intimidated by Blue Face. Right hand from Blue Face, then a left hand. Blue Face whiffs on a huge uppercut, Trujillo with a shot to the body and Blue Face is now chasing down Trujillo. Kane trying to run away from the punches but Blue Face is stalking. Nothing major landed for either man. 10-9 Blue Face

Round 2: Big right hand rocks Trujillo .Blue Face really stepping it up, rocks him with another left hand. Trujillo hanging in there. Uppercut lands for Blue Face. Trujillo can’t seem to keep his balance. Kane with a nice one-two body punch combo. Blue Face with a huge shot that rocks Trujillo. Trujillo is ducking and just throwing punches when he’s not even aiming. Blue Face with another big right hand. Trujillo throwing spinning shit without the punches. 10- 9 Blue Face

Round 3: Trujillo tries to come out aggressive. Blue Face lands a shot to the body, then a right hand. Trujillo not backing down, needs a finish here. You have to give it to Trujillo for not backing down from the bigger man. Big left hand for Trujillo. Two more strikes land for Trujillo. I am sure Blue Face did not expect this fight from Trujillo. Both men are tired but aren’t stopping. Blue Face pushes Trujillo down. Trujillo now stepping it up. Big right hand lands for Blue Face. Referee steps in to check on Trujillo, not sure why. Blue Face with a big right hand and Trujillo spins away while Blue connects with one more shot to win the round, and the fight. 10-9 Blue Face

Final Result: Blue Face via unanimous decision

  • A fan jumps in a clocks Blue Face after the decision is read, who then returns fire and all hell breaks loose. Security and police jump in to separate the brawl. It’s UFC 229 all over again!

Nick Ireland vs. DK Money

Round 1: Both me nusing their jabs well to start. Ireland lands a flush left hand, DK fires back a left hand. Money fires of three straight right hands and he unloads a flurry of punches that rock Ireland. They aren’t pretty but they are landing. Money the busier fighter here but Ireland, the smaller of the two, isn’t backing down one bit. 10-9 Money

Round 2: Straight right lands for Ireland. Money once again with a sloppy flurry of punches. The big man has no technique to speak of but he is throwing more and landing. Clinch from Ireland. HUGE right hook lands for Ireland, and then a straight right hands. Both men are gassed. The action slowing a bit. Ireland closes the round connecting with four clean punches to steal the round. 10-9 Ireland

Round 3: Left hands lands for Money. Right hooks from Ireland. Both men land their jabs. Uppercut lands for Ireland and Money spits his mouthpiece out. It was blatant, he needed the break. Left hands lands for Ireland, Money isn’t throwing much. Money ducks a big shot to close out the round.

Final Result: Ireland defeats Money via majority decision

Evil Hero vs. Dakota Olave

Round 1: No touch of gloves. Big right hand from Hero lands. Olave clinches to avoid the heavy shots. Hero with two overhand rights. Shots to the body from Olave aren’t doing much, Hero just eats them. And with good reason, there is little to no power on them. One-two lands for Hero, rocks Olave. Uppercut lands for Hero, Olave is super-tentative to start things off. 10-9 Hero

Round 2: One-two lands for Hero again. Hero has the better “technique” of the two. Olave firing off some shots, but they simply don’t do anything even if they happen to land. Overhand rights lands for Hero and then a right uppercut as he shoves his friend-turned rival away. Straight hand down the pipe lands for Hero, who is now taunting Olave. 10-9 Hero

Round 3: Olave goes in for the clinch but Hero shoves him away. Olave now backing away with Hero having to chase him down. Olave is trying to let his hands go but to no avail. It seems as if Hero can end this fight whenever he wants to but chooses to pepper his foe with shots over and over. Olave with more shots to the body. Big uppercut barely misses for Hero. Olave with another overhand right and then an uppercut. Hero has a bloody nose, a shot must have snuck in there for Olave. 10-9 Hero

Final Result: Evil Hero defeats Dakota Olave via unanimous decision

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