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BKFC 19: Britain Hart rooting for Rachael Ostovich after Paige VanZant ‘dug her own grave’

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BKFC paid a lot of money for Paige VanZant, because promoter David Feldman wanted her to become the face of his bareknuckle boxing promotion, even if that face required plastic surgery when all was said and done.

I guess veteran bruiser Britain Hart didn’t get the Email.

UFC Fight Night Cejudo v Dillashaw

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Hart soundly defeated VanZant when “12 Gauge” made her BKFC debut earlier this year, but the way VanZant was talking at the recent BKFC 19 press conference (watch it here), the former UFC flyweight was making it sound like she was on her way to victory.

Hart is willing to give VanZant a rematch to prove otherwise.

“She dug her own grave,” Hart told MMA Junkie. “In the documentary, she said she would beat me on her worst day, so whatever. I beat her once, I can do it again. I think the best Paige VanZant showed up for her pro debut. I don’t care if she says she was new. She’s changing her story because before then it was, ‘Britain hasn’t faced the top level competition like I have. Britain hasn’t faced the athletes that I have. You’re an easy win, Britain. I would beat you on my worst day.’ So now I’m confused, but I feel confident I beat Paige VanZant at her best, and I’m only getting better.”

If Hart and VanZant are going to run it back at some point later this year, then both fighters need to win their upcoming contests at BKFC 19 on July 23 in Tampa. Hart faces bitter rival Jenny Savage while VanZant rematches UFC veteran Rachael Ostovich.

“I like Rachael. I think obviously I want Rachael to win, I can relate to her. I can’t relate to Paige whatsoever,” Hart told MMA Junkie. “I can relate to Rachael. She had an abusive relationship, so without even having a conversation, I can look up to her. Paige looks like she’s had that lavish lifestyle where Rachael might’ve grown up a little bit rough. She’s a mom. I just like her story. So personally, I want Rachael to win, but do I think Paige is more motivated? I kind of do.”

For much more on Friday night’s BKFC 19 event on FITE TV click here.

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