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Pic: Conor McGregor unveils Lamborghini super yacht — ‘I wipe my rich ass with your feelings’

Hopefully it’s equipped with wheelchair access.

How do you know when a person is truly wealthy?

When the only thing they know how to love is their money. That’s probably why former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor will be giving zero fucks about opinions like mine as he races up and down the coast in his new Lamborghini super yacht.

That said, “Notorious” still plays second fiddle to this UFC tycoon.

“I wipe my rich ass with your feelings about my work,” McGregor told his social media followers. “I feel nothing for you bums. Nada!”

Not surprisingly, that post was “liked” by fellow UFC millionaire Dana White.

While his pockets keep getting fatter, McGregor has lost some of his luster in the combat sports arena, thanks to consecutive losses to lightweight rival Dustin Poirier. In addition, it seems the MMA community has grown tired of his repetitive, shouty antics.

“Notorious” will spend the next several weeks on crutches after breaking his leg against “The Diamond” at UFC 264 in Las Vegas, so expect that fancy Spanish villa to get some action this summer in Marbella, Spain.

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