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Bar-fight champion Joe Schilling encourages timid media to join him in victim blaming

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - November 21, 2013 Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Former Bellator MMA and Glory Kickboxing fighter Joe Schilling found himself back in the headlines earlier this month after video surfaced of “Stitch ‘Em Up” destroying random bar patron Justin Balboa back on June 27 in Fort Lauderdale.

Watch the incident unfold here.

In light of the backlash Schilling faced from the combat sports community, the 37 year-old Californian insists he was acting in self defense and seems genuinely puzzled as to why the media is not talking about Balboa’s alleged criminal history and shady track record.

That’s why he’s going to “relay that back to them.”

“I can’t really speak about what happened that night,” Schilling told Helen Yee. “I think the witnesses’ testimony is out there, a lot of people aren’t covering it, the guy’s personal track record and criminal history is out there but nobody seems to be talking about it. I’m just gonna have to relay that back to them. No charges have been filed whatsoever and it’s just a lot of media speculation at this point. I did nothing wrong and I stand by that.”

Video of Balboa’s police interview recently surfaced online (watch it here) and attorney Robert Solomon — who plans to slap a civil suit against Schilling — is still pushing law enforcement to file a battery charge for the attack.

Expect more developments in the case in the coming weeks.

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