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Luke Rockhold demands No. 2 spot in UFC rankings, wants frightened middleweights to ‘sack up’

Sack up or fuck off.

That’s the message from former 185-pound champion Luke Rockhold, who is tired of choosy middleweights trying to protect their positions in the 185-pound rankings. In fact, the former Strikeforce headliner thinks the entire system is “bullshit.”

“These guys are ranked and everyone fuckin’ thinks they’re entitled to this fuckin’ position in their rankings. It’s all fucking bullshit,” Rockhold told MMA Fighting. “The rankings don’t mean anything anyways, so fuck off. If you want to talk about rankings, I should come back and still be No. 2. Fuck off. What the fuck is a ranking?”

Rockhold, 36, was ranked No. 3 at middleweight before abandoning the division to try his luck at 205 pounds. Unfortunately, Jan Blachowicz ended his light heavyweight future with a thunderous second-round knockout, sending the part-time model back to his old division.

Where the “bums” and “chumps” need to “sack up.”

“Like I said, I want someone who fuckin’ makes sense, who gets me excited. It’s not just about the ranking,” Rockhold continued. “But, you know, [it is] a little bit. Honestly, I think a lot of these guys are gonna fuckin’ run away from my position because they know when I’m on, I’m on. But I think I’m just gonna fall in, start training hard, start working for it, and then one of those fights is gonna fall apart. I’m gonna have to step in and they’re gonna have to sack up because that’s the way the game works.”

Rockhold (16-5) was hoping to make his Octagon return at some point later this year, but claims Khamzat Chimaev and Jack Hermansson, among others, turned him down. Hopefully the promotion can get something going sooner, rather than later, or “fuck off” and “let him go.”

Where he can “stick to modeling.”

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