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Jake and Logan Paul pile on Conor McGregor after loss: ‘RIP Conor’s career’

The Paul Brothers were drawn to UFC 264 like flies to dung, and they had predictable opinions on Conor McGregor’s injury loss to Dustin Poirier.

The Challenger Games Inaugural Celebrity Charity Track & Field Competition Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Challenger League Inc.

It wouldn’t be a big weekend of mixed martial arts (MMA) action without the Paul brothers showing up to chase clout.

UFC 264 just went down from a sold-out T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and both Jake and Logan Paul were on hand to check out the action. We didn’t get any, “F—k Jake Paul” chants this time like we did at UFC 261, and Daniel Cormier resisted the temptation to get in Jake’s face as well.

Nah, this time the Paul brothers were largely relegated to posting crappy takes on Twitter like the rest of us. Let’s start with Jake Paul, who came to the event with new bling: “My new $100,000 Nyquil McGregor, Sleepy McGregor chain.

After McGregor’s loss, Paul took to Twitter to rub salt in the Irish sports star’s wounds:

And then there’s older brother Logan, whose big contribution to combat sports involves surviving an exhibition match against a half-sized Floyd Mayweather. Logan was actually betting on McGregor to win, but when “The Notorious” lost he didn’t hesitate to bury his pick:

“Damn, crazy to see a star with such a meteoric rise literally plummet into the ground just a few years later.” Logan wrote. “It’s sad tbh. RIP Conor McGregor’s career.”

Hey, we’re not exactly Conor McGregor stans around here, but the disrespect was just too much to bear silently, so we fired back on Twitter.

And let us tell you what, our mentions have been flooded with Paulistas ever since.

Just another normal one. How was your fight night, Maniacs?

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