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Coker: Logan Paul welcome to compete for Bellator MMA — ‘Absolutely!’

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Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Weigh In Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

UFC President Dana White would never sign Logan Paul because he doesn’t want to be arrested for murder. Sure, he signed a 36 year-old CM Punk who was summarily destroyed by a pair of C-level fighters, but let’s not bog ourselves down with stupid little things like facts and details.

But what about Bellator MMA President Scott Coker?

“The answer is absolutely,” Coker told MMA Fighting. “I think this kid has shown athletic ability to go in there with Floyd but also we know he’s a high school all-star wrestler from Ohio and I think they’re just getting better and better at combat sports. If he wanted to get into MMA, we would do it.”

Paul remains 0-1 as a professional boxer following his Floyd Mayweather fight, an unsanctioned exhibition bout which took place on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) last weekend (June 6) inside Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Bellator recently jumped into bed with “those fucking guys” at Showtime.

“For now they want to focus on boxing but if the opportunity was there, I definitely would put them in the cage,” Coker continued. “When I say that, they’re not going to go out and fight in a real fight against a guy like Gegard Mousasi or somebody that has that experience. We’d treat them like any other fighter with the experience that they have and take it from there.”

Maybe he can fight the Green Power Ranger.