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Highlights: Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul go the distance in one-sided exhibition

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather had a pretty simple explanation for why he decided to box YouTube personality Logan Paul.

“I retired from boxing,” he said. “I didn’t retire from entertaining. And I didn’t retire from making money.”

Entertainment is a good way to describe this fight, which saw Mayweather play with the elder Paul brother for eight, three-minute rounds. Any hope that “Money” would put himself out there to chase a knockout began to dwindle in the final rounds, and by the last rounds, the boos rained down from the crowd as fans felt like the finish they paid to see never came to fruition.

We’ve got to hand it to Paul: he took some serious shots from Mayweather and kept going. But, with his hands down for the majority of the fight and his offense largely nullified by Mayweather’s defensive abilities, it really was a one-sided affair. There weren’t many highlight-reel punches, just Mayweather slowly taking over as Paul slowed down, par for the course to those who watched Mayweather back when he was decisioning much better fighters.

Our final rating for the fight: entertaining enough when you had no idea what would happen next, put pretty uninspired once you know the result. Paul gets to walk away from this fight with an ego boost from surviving, and we can’t help but be annoyed at Mayweather for not trying harder to take the kid’s head off since it was right there the whole time.

Check out the highlights:

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