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Watch Kamaru Usman wilt under the heat (of chicken wings)

UFC’s Welterweight champ ate a bunch of ‘Hot Ones’ so we could enjoy watching him in pain

As someone who’s watched the YouTube show “Hot Ones” from the very beginning, I can tell you that it evolved very quickly into one of the best interview shows of any medium ... ever.

Host Sean Evans, despite (or to some, because of) his numerous mannerisms, is a fun, encouraging person and he and his team do a great, Nardwuar-esque job of trying to get very deep cuts to ask their guests about. It’s well worth the watch, usually regardless of who the other person is, but today, the subject on the hot seat was the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight roost ruler, Kamaru Usman.

Usman is far from the first UFC fighter to appear on the show, joining the likes of Ronda Rousey and Dustin Poirier who’ve had their gullets tortured for our amusement. Astute watchers will also note the reference to Israel Adesanya early on in the episode. For those who don’t watch that channel on the regular, the Middleweight champ did a Truth or Dare-like variation of the show alongside champion boxer, Anthony Joshua, in which both men were asked very uncomfortable questions that might likely embarrass themselves or perhaps break up a friendship, so to avoid the shame, they choose to eat an egregiously spiced wing:

Nevertheless, not to spoil the entire episode, as I feel this is something you all should probably enjoy yourselves, but here are a few highlights worth noting on their own:

The two fighters (one male, one female) that Usman feels are must-see TV are Heavyweight champ, Francis Ngannou, and women’s Strawweight champ (and Usman teammate) Rose Namajunas. Both get name-dropped for wildly different reasons, but it’s hard to argue that those are two who definitely get eyes turned on them when they’re in the cage.

When asked if he had a favorite championship moment — or if they were all on the same level — Usman replied:

I put the majority of them all in the same plane, because each and every fight presents a different challenge. But I would say one of my favorites is when this kid was jaw jacking too much, talking all this trash ... then to go in there and physically break his jaw. Then knock his ass out. Was probably one of my favorites.

I wonder what unnamed fighter he might’ve been talking about?

Usman is fresh off a sensational knockout win over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 six weeks ago (watch highlights). He is expected to rematch bitter rival Colby Covington later this year (details here).

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