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Midnight Mania! EVERYBODY wants short-notice Sean O’Malley fight at UFC 264

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UFC 260: Miocic v Ngannou 2 Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Love him or hate him, Sean O’Malley has quickly become one of the biggest names among the lighter weight classes. “Suga” has a dynamic fighting style — even his biggest haters would have a hard time disagreeing there — and a unique way of marketing himself. After all, he’s still an undefeated prospect!

Earlier today, Louis Smolka was forced to withdraw from his scheduled bout vs. O’Malley at UFC 264. Lots of fights have volunteered to replace the Hawaiian, though it’s impossible to say whether they see O’Malley as an easy fight or simply want a high-profile slot on a Conor McGregor card.

Either way, let’s rate their chances!

Brian Kelleher, veteran Bantamweight banger, came with the best callout of the lot. Look at that photoshop! Weight could be an issue on short-notice for Kelleher, who has fought at 145 lbs. in the past, but it’s a very reasonable match up.

Chance it happens: 7/10
Interest level: 8/10

Former UFC action fighter “Killer Bee” Brandon Davis is shooting his shot too. He’d make it a fight, but typically, UFC looks for already signed talent when there’s this much time left to make a new match up.

Chance it happens: 3/10
Interest level: 5/10

Former Flyweight title contender Ray Borg rarely made weight on a full camp, but he’s ready to go on short-notice!

Chance it happens: 1/10
Interest level: 3/10

Here’s a trap fight if I’ve ever seen one! Ricky Simon is tough as nails, somehow unranked, and a powerful wrestler. He’s worthy, but that doesn’t sound like a match up UFC would want for O’Malley.

Chance it happens: 4/10
Interest level: 8/10

Another Flyweight jumps at the chance to fight “Suga!” Elliott actually beat up Smolka one time, so maybe it makes sense?

Chance it happens: 5/10
Interest level: 5/10

Merab Dvalisvhili has been calling out O’Malley for a long time, and he’s not done yet. “The Machine” is currently ranked as the 10th best Bantamweight on the planet, and he’s on a major win streak. It would be a huge opportunity for O’Malley, but one that carries a major risk of getting double-legged into oblivion.

Chance it happens: 7/10
Interest level: 10/10

In an ideal world, who would you like to see O’Malley fight at UFC 264?


I may not be a huge Artem Lobov fan or anything, but that’s a badass contract clause!

Retired or not, don’t mess with “The Eagle!”

Francis Ngannou’s manager replied to last night’s accusations from Dana White, and WOO BOY!

Aljamain Sterling breaks down some of his cage wrestling tactics:

Similar to “The Black Beast,” messing with Belal Muhammad’s vehicle will only end in PAIN!

Deontay Wilder attempts to intimidate Tyson Fury by *checks notes* not quite managing to bench press 310 pounds? Which isn’t a crazy amount of weight for a 6’7” professional athlete? Wild.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

If stuck in north south and relying solely on grip strength to prevent the kimura ... you’re going to eventually get kimura’d!

An example of submission defense on the exact opposite end of the spectrum:

Jumping triangle on a seated foe is always slick.

Random Land

One way to traverse lanes ...

Midnight Music: A New Wave, synth pop classic!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.