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Tyron Woodley is rich and famous again — ‘You won’t put me on the clearance rack’

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I know all the cool kids are making fun of Jake Paul, but the “YouTube Boxer” is out here making faded UFC stars shine bright again.

UFC Hong Kong Wing Chun Gym Visit Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

If there’s a clean-up on aisle nine, it won’t be Tyron Woodley who gets mopped.

That’s because the former UFC welterweight champion is rich and famous again after signing a deal to box social media star Jake Paul later this summer, and a victory will no doubt improve his market value after some recent struggles in MMA.

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“Who knows what’s next? This may open up the door for me taking some other fights at different weights,” Woodley told TMZ Sports. “Fighting at 190 (pounds) and then having to go back to 170 (pounds) is like ‘agh’ because, you know, the amount of money I’m going to make for this fight is going to be quite different from some of the other UFC fights or even different promotions that want to do MMA fights. But if you want me to do MMA at 170, now the bag is stupid. The best thing that’s happened in the last 24 hours, I’m smiling that my market value is where it’s at. You won’t put me on the clearance rack. I won’t be on aisle nine.”

Woodley hopes to score a second boxing match by November and based on his contract, it could be a rematch against Paul. It’s hard to imagine there being much value in a potential do-over if the fight ends by way of ... well, anything definitive but then again, this goofy sport is so unpredictable I suppose anything is possible.