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Video: Watch Bellator MMA’s Joe Schilling violently knockout alleged ‘racist’ bar patron

Bellator MMA and Glory Kickboxing veteran Joe Schilling apparently had an eventful weekend at the pub ...

Bellator MMA and Glory Kickboxing veteran Joe Schilling is undefeated (1-0) in bar fights (that we know of).

Schilling (4-5 in MMA, 23-9 in kickboxing) uploaded a video on Sunday night of him laying a nasty combination on a seemingly intoxicated bar patron. The video, which has since been removed from Schilling’s feed by Instagram, shows him bumping into the unnamed individual. The guy stepped up to Schilling and was met with a vicious combo that knocked him out cold.

The professional fighter subsequently posted a screenshot of Instagram’s report that his video broke Instagram guidelines. He suggested the recipient of beers and knuckle-sandwiches was spewing racist rhetoric with the hashtag, “#F—kRacists.” Schilling referred to the encounter as a “life-threatening” experience; although, the other man would likely debate that point.

“Self-defense is apparently not what this country is about anymore,” Schilling captioned the post. “Don’t trip. I got the video love you guys thanks for the concern and support during my life-threatening experience. Big shout out to @theyardmuaythai for preparing me for this life-threatening situation.”

There is quite the contrast between schilling and former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping’s approach to public confrontations. Bisping recently tweeted how he was sucker-punched by a stranger. “The Count” responded by laughing at the man’s weak punch and walking off.

Schilling has not competed professionally since a 2019 loss to Tony Johnson (8-2) at Bellator 229 on Oct. 4, 2019. He is a veteran of 10 MMA fights, 32 kickboxing bouts and two professional boxing matches.

We’ll have more on this developing story as it happens.

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