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Justin Jaynes loses $25k bet on himself after UFC Vegas 30 fight goes to split decision

So close, yet so far: “Guitar Hero” lost a $25,000 bet on himself when a split decision went his opponents way at UFC Vegas 30. Now he’s saying, “no regrets.”

UFC Fight Night: Rosa v Jaynes Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

The fight game is unforgiving in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to pay. Fighters aren’t just competing to advance forward in the rankings, but for the second half of their paycheck. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) structures most of its fighters on a show / win split, so (for example) many UFC newcomers are earning $12,000 to show up and step into the cage and the other $12,000 only if they win.

So in almost every fight, one fighter is leaving with half their paycheck. And in the case of Justin Jaynes, he’s walking away with nothing because he bet his entire show purse on himself winning at UFC Vegas 30.

“As soon as the betting line comes out between Justin Jaynes and Charles Rosa, I’m putting my entire fight contract on myself, and my coaches are doing that as well,” Jaynes said leading up to the event. “I’m betting close to 25K that I’m winning my fight because that’s how much I believe in myself. This is all in for me, and if I lose this fight, I do not get paid and my coaches do not get paid either. And that won’t be as bad as losing my job of being in the UFC.”

He lost to Rosa via split decision.

Now, Jaynes is speaking up on Twitter about the big gamble, and while he’s accepting the situation pretty stoically, you know this has to be rough.

As usual, many Internet fans are reaching out with words of encouragement and support after Jaynes’ tough break. Just kidding ... they’re being the lamest wads imaginable:

Instagram - Justin Jaymes

Here’s the scorecards from that split decision that narrowly blew Jaynes’ bank:

Now, let’s just get one thing straight: you never want to see Adalaide Byrd and Chris Lee in the judges’ chairs for a fight, especially not one you’ve bet big money on. But, in case you’re wondering whether this split decision loss went the wrong way due to bad judging? In this case, it’s generally agreed that Rosa got the best of Jaynes in a close bout. Over at MMADecisions, the media scores have 11 media giving it 29-28 Rosa vs. three handing it to Jaynes 29-28.

Jaynes is now 1-4 in UFC (16-8 MMA) with the Rosa fight being his fourth defeat in a row. That’s a hard turn for a man who had the second-fastest Lightweight debut in UFC history when he defeated Frank Camacho in 41 seconds one year ago.

That win also earned him a “Performance of the Night” bonus, so let’s hope that bit of extra padding will help him get through this betting-induced tight spell.

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