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Highlights! Kayla Harrison demolishes Cindy Dandois, secures first-round armbar stoppage and playoff spot

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Kayla Harrison PFL Professional Fighters League Ryan Loco/PFL

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

In the main event of PFL 6, Kayla Harrison looked to continue her reign of dominance over any poor soul who happened to step into the cage opposite her. In this case, it was longtime veteran Cindy Dandois.

Harrison wasted little time in backing her opponent towards the cage, landing a heavy kick before Dandois pulled guard. From top position, Harrison dropped some big shots before quickly advancing passed guard. While Harrison hunted for a submission, she continued to deliver punishment to the skull of Dandois.

With a minute remaining in the first round, Harrison moved to mount. After tying up her opponent’s arms to deliver some punches, Harrison dropped off to the side to attack the armbar. Moments later, Dandois was forced to tap.

Once more, Harrison has secured a pretty flawless victory. However, because her finishes took slightly longer than Larissa Pacheco’s own victories, Harrison will actually enter the PFL playoffs as the No. 2 seed. Still, the Olympic Judo gold medalist will be hugely favored to win the whole thing yet again.

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An important piece of boxing history:

Israel Adesanya is truly committed to trolling opponents well after he’s beaten them up.

This is odd: Don Madge won his last two bouts, yet he may have been unreleased for reasons unknown.

A pair of memes that aptly sum up the UFC Welterweight title picture:

A dope throwback featuring prime Mauricio Rua and a young Anthony Johnson!

Top-notch pint-sized grapplers!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Dom Wooding is clearly very fast and very powerful — that finish was as clean as it gets!

Maybe I’m a sissy, but I have very little desire to ever fight bare knuckle.

Staying down low while throwing the left hook is a major key to throwing with power!

Random Land

Respect for walking off a major impact.

Midnight Music: Tyler, The Creator’s last two albums have been hugely successful and critically acclaimed, BUT for the generation like myself who grew up on his angry raps, it was a definite left turn. On his new LP CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, Tyler returns to rapping hard, and I’m pumped on it.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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