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Henry Cejudo unimpressed by Hasbulla phenomenon — ‘I will toss him like a newborn’

PSA: Tossing newborns is bad. Even worse when they’re not your own.

Hasbulla Magomedov has instantly become a viral Internet sensation, known around the digital world as “Mini Khabib.” Probably because Magomedov is also from Dagestan and has been seen hanging around “The Eagle” in some of his recent social media posts.

“Be careful,” Khabib warned teammate Henry Cejudo. “Hasbulla gonna kill you!”

“Triple C” is not impressed.

“You better be careful what you wish for Hasbulla, I will throw you around like a newborn,” Cejudo wrote on Twitter. “Not even Khabib can save you from the wrath of Triple C!”

Hasbulla is 18 years old but has the physical features of a very young child, the result of a rare genetic condition. That hasn’t stopped “Mini Khabib” from dishing out challenges (and face offs) on social media (sample them here).

As for Cejudo (16-2), the former UFC two-division champion has been teasing a return to combat sports for several months but as of this writing, it’s been nothing but talk. “Triple C” just turned 34 so time is definitely not on his side.

Until then, enjoy this Hasbulla vs. Cejudo meme from Alex Trollkanovski:

“Talk is cheap!” Cejudo said. “Let’s meet at a catchweight!”

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