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Hey kids, angry Sean Strickland will smack your coward father and teach you a lesson

Strickland continuing the good fight against women with opposable thumbs.

If you thought UFC middleweight Sean Strickland overreacted to the submission hold applied by Orlando Sanchez earlier this month, just wait until you hear what “Tarzan” has to say to all the “cowards” running their mouths on the Internet.

“Listen, you guys running your fucking mouth, if you were to see me in person and come and say that shit to me, I would smack you in the fucking face,” Strickland growled on Instagram. “And let’s say you’re not cool like Orlando, let’s say you’re a dick, and you get mad and you put your hands up, not like Orlando, I would continue to hit you in the fucking face. I’m a cage fighter. This is what I fucking do.”

Strickland was grappling with Sanchez, a decorated submission specialist, and blew a gasket when “The Cuban Tree Stump” cranked his arm. “Tarzan” rattled off a spinning back fist followed by a push kick, which led some fans to question his temperament.

“I like to hurt people,” Strickland continued. “Don’t be shocked at what I did. Be shocked at yourself. Matter of fact, if you want to run your fucking mouth, not on the Internet, you should come up to me, do it in person and bring your fucking kids. So after I smack you in the mouth, they can watch me smack their fucking coward father, and maybe they can learn a lesson and not be a bitch like you.”

I haven’t read the UFC code of conduct but I’m pretty sure that assaulting dopey UFC fans because they made jokes on social media is a violation of company policy.

“You cowards sit behind your phone running your mouths to me and to each other,” Strickland said. “Bunch of fucking women using their thumbs to fight BUT to those men out there still down to scrap when you need to scrap I salute. Keep holding it down, you’re a dying breed.”

Strickland will return to the cage against fellow middleweight banger Uriah Hall in the upcoming UFC Vegas 33 main event on July 31 inside APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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