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Korean Zombie calls out Max Holloway: He has no punching power

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After defeating Dan Ige at UFC Vegas 29, Chan Sung Jung is ready for the title or Max Holloway, whichever he can get first.

UFC Fight Night: The Korean Zombie v Ige Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

“Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung returned in fine form at UFC Vegas 29, out-pointing Dan Ige handily to win the fight 48–47, 49–46, and 49–46 on the judges’ scorecards. It was a solid bounce back from his loss to Brian Ortega back in Oct. 2020, and in Jung’s mind it re-established him as ready for a title shot.

“This fight has really given me the confidence to realize I can mix it up well and be a world champion,” Jung said through his translator and head coach Eddie Cha.

That doesn’t mean he was 100 percent pleased with his performance, though. Indeed, in a post-fight Instagram update, he lamented the lack of a finish and performance bonus.

“It feels weird because it’s my first decision win with UFC,” he wrote. “It’s weird because I didn’t get a bonus....”

“As I move up the ranks, it’s getting harder and harder to get the KO or a decision, and I apologize for that,” he said at the post fight press conference. “This is one of my first decisions in a long time. I’m happy with my performance, it’s just I’m realizing it’s getting harder and harder as I climb that ladder.”

The last time “Korean Zombie” won via decision? Aug. 2008!

But, this fight was about being unpredictable and switching between striking and grappling, not just rushing into the fire and relying on toughness.

“I really thought it was going to be a brawl,” Jung admitted. “I was willing to brawl in there, but it was the coaches gameplan to mix it up and take him down. After the first and second round, I realized I didn’t have to do that. The gameplan was working, so I continued to do so.”

So what’s next for Chan Sung Jung?

“Max. He doesn’t have punching power,” Jung said in slow English. “But, I have punching power. A Max fight or a title fight,” he continued via his translator. “Definitely I want a title fight first, but if I can’t get a title shot I’m willing to fight Max. But, I respect Yair and don’t want to get in the way, jump in between those two who are already set to fight.”

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