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WTF! Watch UFC headliner retaliate with spinning back fist after ‘dirty submission’ in leaked training video

So ... who was the bigger “c—t” here?

That was a question posed by UFC middleweight Sean Strickland, who is currently training for his Uriah Hall headliner on July 31 in Las Vegas. It appears “Tarzan” was unhappy that his grappling partner, Orlando Sanchez, was not protecting him on the mats.

“The Cuban Tree Stump,” however, believes anything not broken is fair game.

That kind of meathead mentality is why so many fighters get injured inside the gym (even this guy). Strickland recently earned his first main event and may not get another if he fails to appear, which is probably why the former KOTC middleweight champ was so upset.

“You motherf—ker!” Strickland shouted. “What the f—k? Why, bro, why? Get away from me. Get away. What the f—k, man? Why, dude?”

After getting his arm cranked, Strickland fired off a spinning back fist followed by a front kick to the bread basket. “Tarzan” then chastised Orlando — an ADCC gold medalist — for ambushing him with a “d—k move.”

Watch the isolated clip below:

“That was not malicious whatsoever,” Sanchez countered. “If I wanted to f—king break it I would have f—king broken it in half. Watch the f—king video. You need to learn how to not get underhooks like that, it’s a dangerous position to put your arm. Now you learned something.”

Based on Strickland’s Instagram post, it appears Strickland and Sanchez have since made up and plan to stage a rematch on Friday.

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