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Vitor Belfort calls Tyron Woodley ‘the worst representation’ of MMA — ‘My daughter can put him out’

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“The Phenom” is fighting an Instagram zookeeper with zero professional fights but for some reason has a problem with Tyron Woodley boxing Jake Paul.

Tyron Woodley is hoping to put some respect on the MMA name.

The sport took a mainstream hit when friend and training partner, Ben Askren, got creamed by YouTube sensation Jake Paul back in April. That’s why “The Chosen One” will transition to boxing and prove that UFC fighters are more than just “Funky” wrestlers.

Just don't expect any pom poms or rah rahs from Vitor Belfort.

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“I don’t have nothing against them,” the former UFC champ told MMA Fighting. “They go make their money but they’re not boxers. I can go fight Tyron Woodley with one hand and beat him up. Askren? It’s not even a question. That guy’s a wrestler — a great wrestler but my kid can beat him up. My daughter Victoria can put these guys out. Because they don’t know how to box. My kids have boxed since they were kids.”

Belfort, 44, is openly salty that Paul refused to fight him for Triller and instead opted to chase wrestle-boxers like Askren and Woodley. As of this writing, Paul will hook ‘em up with “The Chosen One” for Showtime in August, with the winner scoring an immediate rematch.

“I just think they are the worst representation of MMA,” Belfort continued. “These guys that you just mentioned, I can fight all of them in one night. I’ll put them out. They cannot even survive two rounds with me, these MMA athletes that are representing us in boxing.”

Belfort was released by ONE Championship without making a single appearance and will now cross over to the “sweet science” later this year against Instagram personality Mike Holston, billed as “The Real Tarzann” because of his weird relationship with animals.

“I’m so pumped, especially doing the crossover,” Belfort said. “Literally seeing who has the best hands if they can box together, the MMA guy or the boxer?”

It should be noted that Holston has no experience in either MMA or boxing.