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Video: Bigfoot Silva dropped, stopped in return to MMA ... but did referee bungle the finish?

Former UFC heavyweight contender Antonio Silva made his long-awaited return to MMA last weekend, taking on international bruiser Quentin Domingos as part of the Megdan Fighting 9 event inside City Square Sabac in Sabac, Serbia.

Silva was dropped and stopped in the second stanza, though “Bigfoot” claims the referee bungled the finish and called the fight prematurely.

Here’s another angle:

Too soon?

“You train for months, give up many things like food, fun and sometimes even family to get 100% in a fight, then a referee comes and spoils all the hard work you did every day,” Silva wrote on Instagram (transcribed by Adam Martin). “Losing or winning is part but unfortunately some people don’t know or understand the sport they’re taking part in. They sent me this video to give me an idea that there wasn’t a reason for the referee to stop the fight.”

Silva, 41, sinks to 19-13-1 with his defeat to Domingos (6-2) and has now dropped five straight, which doesn’t include his knockout losses to Rico Verhoeven (kickboxing) and Gabriel Gonzaga (bare knuckle boxing).

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