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Coach: Heavyweight Jon Jones will be the ‘most dangerous’ version to date

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UFC 239 Jones v Santos Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Nobody knows exactly when Jon Jones will step inside of the Octagon for his long-awaited heavyweight debut, but there’s a big chance “Bones” looks as dangerous as ever.

Jones, who continues to train and pack on muscle for a future heavyweight takeover, is unsure when he’ll fight again. The former UFC light heavyweight champion still hasn’t worked out his contractual finances with UFC and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate end in sight. Jones has brought in some outside help to facilitate the negotiations but it may take a little longer.

In the interim, Jones will dedicate his time to his training. And with everything Jones is doing to bulk up and transform his body into an even larger killing machine there’s a possibility the UFC legend is a better fighter when he returns as a heavyweight.

Jones’ striking coach, Brandon Gibson, shares the same sentiment. Gibson has been working with Jones for a very long time and believes that the former champ’s move to heavyweight could produce even more dominant results.

“Jon has been the most dominant champion in UFC history,” Gibson told MMA Fighting. “He has the record for titles but, man, this goal has sparked a fire in all of us.

“Whether it comes in a few months, or comes in a year-plus, Jon’s 33. I feel like he’s not even in his heavyweight prime yet. We’re taking our time, we’re doing this right and there’s a lot of other business decisions outside of my realm. But my job is to treat Jon Jones as a professional athlete, a professional martial artist and the great champion that he is 24/7.”

“He’s had great success in his 20’s, a great run at light heavyweight, but Jon not only has that focus of being a heavyweight champion with this huge task in front of us, but also his commitment to himself as a professional athlete,” Gibson continued. “I think we have yet to see the most dangerous Jon Jones there is. This version is going to be greater than any of them.”

Jones, 33, hasn’t fought since he defeated Dominick Reyes via unanimous decision back at UFC 247 in Feb. 2020 to retain his 205-pound belt (which was later vacated). The promotion has tried to book a superfight between Jones and current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou but it simply can’t get done due to the above mentioned issues with Jones’ pay.

Luckily, Jones vs. Ngannou is too big to pass up. It will eventually get booked and Jones will eventually have his opportunity to prove everything he’s saying and become a true heavyweight wrecking machine.