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Francis Ngannou doesn’t care about Derrick Lewis — ‘I want Jon Jones, I love that fight’

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After failing to reach a deal with Jon Jones, UFC President Dana White named heavyweight slugger Derrick Lewis, who already holds a win over current champion Francis Ngannou, as the next contender for “The Predator’s” 265-pound strap.

I guess Ngannou didn’t get the Email.

“I want Jon Jones,” Ngannou told TMZ Sports (transcribed by Farah Hannoun). “Definitely. I don’t care about what the talk says. I love that fight. I have some size, too. I’m strong, too. I’m impressed (with his move to heavyweight). I know he’s very skilled, very talented. I respect that. But we are both men, and we’re going to find out.”

Perhaps that’s why the promotion has yet to announce Ngannou-Lewis 2.

Jones vacated the light heavyweight strap in late 2020 and was first in line for the heavyweight title; however, “Bones” jacked up his asking price citing risk vs. reward, a move that was later supported by Ngannou.

Time to see if this guy can finally make some headway.