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Bellator 260 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | ‘Lima vs Amosov’

MMA: OCT 26 Bellator 232 Photo by Williams Paul/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Bellator 260: “Lima vs Amosov” is set to air TONIGHT (Fri., June 11, 2021) from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., broadcasting via Showtime. Current Welterweight champion Douglas Lima will defend his belt against Yaroslav Amosov in the headlining act, while Paul Daley collides with Jason Jackson in the co-main event.

Bellator 260’s main card will air on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET. will deliver results for the full card and comprehensive play-by-play for the televised portion of Bellator 260 below.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 260) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


170 lbs.: Douglas Lima vs. Yaroslav Amosov - Amosov, unanimous decision (HIGHLIGHTS!)
175 lbs.: Paul Daley vs Jason Jackson - Jackson via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Aaron Pico vs. Aiden Lee - Pico via third round submission (HIGHLIGHTS!)
170 lbs.: Demarques Jackson vs. Mark Lemminger - Lemminger via second round TKO
170 lbs.: Kyle Crutchmer vs. Levan Chokheli - Crutchmer via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Tywan Claxton vs. Justin Gonzales - Gonzales via split decision
155 lbs.: Nick Newell vs. Bobby King - King via split decision
150 lbs.: Lucas Brennan vs. Matthew Skibicki - Brennan via first round submission
145 lbs.: Amanda Bell vs. Marina Mokhnatkina - Mokhnatkina via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Alex Polizzi vs. Gustavo Trujillo - Polizzi via first round submission


Douglas Lima vs. Yaroslav Amosov

Round 1: Both men a bit tentative to start. Expected. Lima fires off a jab. Jab to the stomach from Lima. Amosov yet to pop off any offense. Nice body kick from the champ. Amosov changes levels and takes Lima down, pushes him up against the cage as Lima gets up. Amosov takes him back down one more time. Amosov in Lima’s guard. Amosov with some strikes from the top nothing huge but good enough to score points. Can opener from the challenger. Not a ton of action in the opening frame, but Amosov did enough to steal it. 10-9 Amosov

Round 2: Uppercut barely misses for Lima. Nice jab from Amosov. High kick lands for the challenger. Amosov goes in for the takedown. Lima defends for a bit before Amosov secures it. Elbow strikes from Amosov will get him a few points from the judges as Lima is trying his hardest to get back up. Amosov is just too heavy on top and maintains control. Another repeat performance from round one. Lima gets up and eats some knees to the thighs to close out the round. 10-9 Amosov.

Round 3: Amosov with a front kick to scare Lima back a bit. Lima needs to start unloading the strikes because he is down two rounds. Amosov goes in and secures one more takedown, not good for the defending champion Lima. Amosov lands an illegal blow to the back of the head, which allows Lima to get back to his feet. Lima needs to get busy. Nice calf kick from the champion, then a right hand. Amosov is really looking light on his feet, avoiding Lima’s shots with constant movement. Lima looks a bit frustrated as Amosov lands a body kick to end the round. 10-9 Amosov

Round 4: Lima really has to do more here, a knockout or a submission is the only thing that will win him this fight. Amosov closes the distance and scores one more takedown. Rinse and repeat. Lima gets up rather quickly this time. Amosov scores another takedown and Lima looks exhausted. Amosov is content with this strategy since it’s working to perfection and the boo birds won’t deter him. Can opener. Amosov is in full control, Lima has no answer and is on the verge of losing his title after getting taken down repeatedly. 10-9 Amosov

Round 5: It’s now or never for Lima, who needs a finish or his title reign ends. Front kick from the champion. Body kick from Amosov, Lima with a jab to counter. Despite being up 4-0, Amosov is the aggressor in the final round. I see no sense of urgency from Lima, who is content with one-and-done strikes, no combos. Body kick from the Brazilian lands on the Ukrainian. Amosov catches Lima’s kick and takes him down for the fifth time. Amosov is now two minutes away from making history as Bellator’s first-ever Ukrainian champion. Amosov not content with just riding out the win, he is really looking to land some blows from top position. Lima breathing very hard with one minute remaining in the fight. Lima looks for an armbar with 50 seconds left. Amosov defending, Lima is cranking. 30 seconds left. Amosov is holding on and defending well. and he escapes out of danger. Just a dominant performance from Amosov.

Final Result: Amosov defeats Lima via unanimous decision

Paul Daley vs. Jason Jackson

Round 1: Jackson with a couple of jabs to start things off. Nice counter right from Daley. Jab to the body for Jackson and Daley fires back. Jackson changes levels and gets a takedown on “Semtex.” Short strikes from Jackson, who still has top position on Daley. “Semtex” breathing hard with Jackson on top of him. Daley looking to control a wrist, perhaps try for a submission. The crowd starts booing, welcome back fans. The entire round was Jackson on top of Daley, good enough to seal the round for him. 10-9 Jackson.

Round 2: Daley whiffs on a left hook and Jackson scores an early takedown, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Daley gets back to his feet but Jackson still has a strong hold of him and he takes him down once more. While not appealing to the fans, this is what Jackson needs to do to get the win. Jackson in side control, the boo birds are still going and Daley is looking like a fish out of water on the ground. Daley is now looking for a kimura. He scrambles and he is now in top position. Jackson gets up and he takes Daley down. He is just too strong for Daley in the grappling department. 10-9 Jackson.

Round 3: Jackson in full control here, Daley needs a knockout or submission to win. Jackson once again takes Daley down, not good. Jackson hasn’t really stayed too busy once on top, but he’s avoiding Daley’s bombs, smart on his part. Jackson looking for a head-and-arm choke. Jackson is now looking to take Daley’s back. Jackson is now in the closed guard and Daley is in a bad position midway through the final round. Jackson starting to deliver some punishment, enough to avoid the break. Nice elbow strike from Jackson. Side control for Jackson with a minute left, Daley needs a Hail Mary here. The referee stands up the fight inexplicably, perhaps swayed by the boos. Daley is now in a hurry to score the knockout. Flying knee from Daley and Jackson takes him down one more time to seal the deal. 10-9 Jackson

Final Result: Jackson defeats Daley via unanimous decision

Aaron Pico vs. Aiden Lee

Round 1: High kick from Lee and another. Pico goes in for a takedown and scores it 20 seconds into the fight. Lee gets back to his feet. Nice left hand from Pico and he scores yet another takedown. Pico is lightning quick with his level changes. Lee gets back to his feet and Pico has him up against the cage. Pico goes in and lands one more takedown, just too easy for him. Pico landing some shots from top position Lee gets back to his feet. One-two punch from Pico and he scores yet another takedown. That is four in the first round already. Back to the feet and yet another takedown. A wrestling clinic. Pico sinks in an anaconda choke and Lee escapes. Pico takes his back and Lee escapes. Flying knee from Lee and Pico takes him down one...more...time. Pico lands a right hand from the top and now some ground-and-pound. Pico has another anaconda choke. Pico in Lee’s guard. He tries an armbar and then and ankle lock as time runs out. What a round! 10-8 Pico.

Round 2: Outside kick from Lee. Pico scored six takedowns in round one and he scores one more to open things up. This is a clinic, so take notes. Side control for Pico. Nice short elbow for Pico, and another. Can opener from Pico. Lee tries an elbow from bottom position, not effective. Pico goes in again for another anaconda choke, but lets Lee back up before he scores his eighth takedown. That’s eight for eight. Pico tries the anaconda choke again but Lee escapes. Smooth transition from Pico. Side control and now takes Lee’s back again. Lee is bloodied up. Pico takes Lee’s back again and he is now in full mount after an escape attempt from Lee. Side control again. All Pico once again. 10-9 Pico

Round 3: Spinning back kick from Lee to start things off. And guess what? Pico scores another takedown. Lee goes for a takedown, I don’t know why. He doesn’t get it and Pico is once again looking for a choke but Lee defends well. Pico look like the Terminator out there, he just keeps coming from all angles. Knees to the body from Pico. He goes in for the anaconda choke again and he gets it! Fourth time’s the charm. What an impressive performance from Pico.

Final Result: Pico defeats Lee via third round submission

Demarques Jackson vs. Mark Lemminger

Round 1: They clinch and Jackson scores an early takedown. Fighting for wrist control. Lemminger fights back to his feet but Jackson still has control of him. Midway through round one. Not much action yet since it’s been a battle for position against the cage for the majority of the fight. The referee breaks it up and they restart. Lemminger then shoots in for a takedown and he gets it. Short elbows to the side of the head from Jackson. Lemminger in half guard and he starts unleashing some ground-and-pound. Lemminger goes in for a guillotine choke but Jackson escapes. Lemminger once again starts raining down the punishment and he’s landing some clean shots. Jackson can’t seem to defend well but escapes the round. 10-9 Lemminger

Round 2: Lemminger barley misses a huge right hand. Nice right hook from Jackson lands. Outside leg kick from Jackson. Lemminger changes levels and goes in for the takedown but Jackson grabs a hold of a guillotine. He manages to reverse position and he is in Lemminger’s guard. Lemminger fights back to his feet but Jackson drops him down again and takes his back. Lemminger reverses position and is now in side control, dropping short elbows on his foe. Lemminger covering Jackson’s mouth to alter his breathing. Ground-and-pound from Lemminger and Jackson tries to escape but Lemminger takes his back and starts unloading bombs and the referee puts an end to the action.

Final Result: Lemminger defeats Jackson via second round TKO

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