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Jake Paul receives ‘Gotcha Hat’ tattoo, creates custom merch after Mayweather brawl

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Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Media Availability Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Jake Paul took full advantage of his recent brawl with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to get some fresh ink and launch a new merchandise line.

Paul, who has been destroying washed up NBA stars and MMA fighters in the boxing ring since last year, had his first real action against a professional boxer this past Thursday in Miami. Paul was joining big brother Logan for his pre-fight press conference opposite Mayweather in the lead up to their PPV bout on June 6.

After the elder Paul and Mayweather had their fun on stage Jake met Mayweather face-to-face. Paul proceeded to talk trash with “Money” before grabbing his hat and running away. That’s when all hell broke loose and the combat world witnessed one of the most bizarre brawls in recent memory.

While Paul has no stake in his brother’s upcoming boxing mach with Mayweather the YouTube sensation still took full advantage of his scrap with “Money.” No less than 24 hours removed from his hat grab heard around the world Paul sat down to get some fresh ink. The tattoo was placed on Paul’s leg and reads “gotcha hat.”

In addition to his new tattoo Paul launched a new merchandise line with the same slogan. It’s quite the idea and one that should only increase Paul’s growing brand. The “Gotcha Hat” line can be seen below:

Hate him or love him this is an incredible business move by Paul. His brawl with Mayweather was the talk of the town yesterday more so than the actual press conference that preceded it. Paul should be able to utilize this publicity to create even more buzz around his next trip the boxing ring, which may end up happening against Mayweather after Logan catches his licks next month.