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Video: Jake Paul brawls with Floyd Mayweather in wild media day melee

Logan Paul is the one who’s supposed to box Floyd Mayweather Jr. next month, but it was brother Jake who got the action started during Thursday’s press gathering.

Form Voltron!

Mayweather and Logan were on hand in Miami for a special media day presentation, designed to promote their June 6 pay-per-view (PPV) card in “The Sunshine State.” Jake promptly confronted Mayweather after the festivities concluded, ending with a tried-and-true hat grab to goad “Money” into losing his cool.

Mission accomplished.

My favorite part of the embedded video above is the nearby “Karen” who kept yelling “stop it, stop it,” like a pull-apart brawl is going to miraculously come to an end via her request. Sorry lady, but this is a master at work, and UFC fighters should stop embarrassing themselves on Twitter with thirsty callouts and instead take notes.

This video is one of many reasons the Paul brothers are rich.

Here’s the aftermath:

The weigh ins should be ... interesting.

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