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PFL 3 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | Werdum vs Ferreira

Professional Fighters League (PFL) makes its return to action tonight (Thurs., May 6, 2021) with its third event in as many weeks, which will also be the start of its Heavyweight and women's Lightweight tournament from inside Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. will deliver LIVE coverage of the PFL 3 main card below, which begins at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN. We’ll also provide quick results for the “Prelims” undercard on ESPN+, which will start streaming at 5:30 p.m. ET.

Headlining the event will be the much-anticipated promotional debut of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, who will face Renan Ferreira. In further action, PFL women’s Lightweight champion Kayla Harrison returns to take on Mariana Morais.


Fabricio Werdum vs. Renan Ferreira — Ferreira via first round TKO — HIGHLIGHTS!
Kayla Harrison vs. Mariana Morais — Harrison via first round TKO
Mohammed Usman vs. Brandon Sayles — Sayles via rear-naked choke, round two
Larissa Pacheco vs. Julija Pajic — Pacheco via first round TKO
Ante Delija vs. Bruno Cappelozza — Cappelozza via first round KO
Cindy Dandois vs. Kaitlin Young — Young via unanimous decision
Genah Fabian vs. Laura Sanchez — Fabian via unanimous decision
Denis Goltsov vs. Muhammed Dereese — Goltsov via first round TKO
Olena Kolesnyk vs. Taylor Guardado — Guardado via unanimous decision
Magomed Umalatov vs. Kyron Bowen — Umalatov via second round KO


265 lbs.: Fabricio Werdum vs. Renan Ferreira

Round 1: Both men come out with flying kicks to start off! Wow. And they both fall to the canvas. Werdum in top control and already looking for position for a submission. Ferreira tries to get up but Werdum pushes him up to the cage. Werdum fighting for a better position and Ferreira is on the defense. Half guard for Werdum. Ferreira tries to roll out and is in top control but Werdum has his arm in an armbar, now a triangle attempt but Ferreira still punching away. What pace! And Ferreira is out of danger and in top control. Ferreira is unloading on Werdum, one hammer fist after another and the referee puts and end to the fight! Wow, what an upset! But there seems to be some controversy because the replays show Ferreira tapped to Werdum’s triangle choke a few seconds prior.

Final result: Ferreira via first round TKO

155 lbs.: Kayla Harrison vs. Mariana Morais

Round 1: Kayla with a high kick to start and closes in to clinch with Morais. She pushes her up against the cage and lands a knee to the body. Knee to the thigh from Harrison and she takes Morais down to the mat. In side control now. She mounts right away and she starts unloading the punishment. She takes her back and is relentless with the ground-and-pound and the referee puts an end to the punishment 90 seconds into the first round. Easy work for the returning champion.

Final result: Harrison via first round TKO

265 lbs.: Mohammed Usman vs. Brandon Sayles

Round 1: Usman with a jab to start things off. Sayles a bit hesitant to engage. Hook from Sayles connects. Kick to the body from Sayles and Usman responds with a double jab and then a mean right hand. Usman ducks away form a hook and whiffs on a right hand. Inside leg kick from Sayles, and another. Big looping right hand from Usman and another inside leg kick from Sayles. Both men are starting to throw some haymakers but nothing connects cleanly for either man. Usman goes in for a lazy takedown attempt. Nice jab from Usman. Sayles is milking that inside leg kick which Usman refuses to check. Overhand right lands for Usman but Sayles eats it. Nice jab from Sayles. Usman bull rushes Sayles with a right and then a left hand that lands but Sayles eats them like nothing. 10-9 Sayles

Round 2: Sayles opens up with another kick to Usman’s lead leg. Usman fakes a takedown and then whiffs on a long jab. Nice jab to the body from Sayles. Usman responds with a nice jab of his own and then a big right hand that rocked Sayles. Usman picking up the pace here but Sayles isn’t backing down. Sayles tags Usman with a right hand to the top of the head. Left hook from Sayles that drops Usman and Sayles pounces. He has a standing guillotine locked in and Usman is trying to fight out of it. Sayles isn’t letting go. They separate and Usman is back in the center of the cage. Sayles drops Usman again and is in mount. He takes his back and starts unloading the punishment. Sayles looking for a rear-naked choke with a minute left in the fight and Usman is out! What a performance by Sayles.

Final result: Sayles via second round rear-naked choke

155 lbs.: Larissa Pacheco vs. Julija Pajic

Round 1: Pacheco comes in hot and she connects with a mean left hook right from the jump that drops Pajic. She’s in full mount and she starts unloading some vicious ground-and-pound. She is relentless until the referee has no other choice but to step in and stop the onslaught. Quick six points for Pacheco! Wow!

Final Result: Pacheco via first round KO

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