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Diego Sanchez expects UFC to murder him, frame it as suicide — ’I’m fearful for my life’

Longtime UFC welterweight veteran Diego Sanchez, who parted ways with the promotion late last month in the wake of this backstage confrontation, has been looking over his shoulder these last few weeks, afraid that like Rockwell, somebody is watching him.

And waiting for a headshot.

“I’m going to tell you guys frankly right now, I’m fearful for my motherfucking life,” Sanchez told SiriusXM’s MMA Today (transcribed by Steven Marrocco). “I’m fearful that this company, this billion-dollar company monopoly, worldwide, is going to come after me. Something might happen to me in two years. Maybe in a couple years. Maybe I wreck my truck. Maybe I, ‘Oh, Diego overdosed, some suicide shit.’ I don’t know. But I would not put anything past the level of evil that is within this corporation.”

Sanchez, who rose to fame on Season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), claims to have been around long enough — and seen enough shenanigans — to blow the whistle on everyone from the top down, including UFC President Dana White.

Who didn't have many kind words for “creepy” coach Joshua Fabia.

“Dana, what’s up Dana? I tried for two years to get a meeting with you,” Sanchez continued. “I was the first Ultimate Fighter. Didn’t that show do something for the company when it was $60 million in debt? And you can’t meet with your boy? You don’t want to talk with my ‘batshit crazy’ manager? Why, because he might bring some awareness to what you’re hiding in the dark? I’m still open to meet with you Dana. Be a fucking man. I’ve sacrificed more than you will ever know, and you can’t have 45 minutes?”

Sanchez, who turns 40 in December, has been making headlines over the last few years for all the wrong reasons. And when you consider what’s been going on behind the scenes, it’s kind of surprising “The Nightmare” wasn’t put to bed much sooner.

“I’m still here, I’m still able to speak to you guys, thank god for that,” Sanchez said. “And that’s also due to Joshua Fabia. He mentored me and coached me in speech. He mentored me and coached me on how to be a better father, so many other things. And no, we’re not gay.”

Fans mourning the departure of Sanchez can follow him (and Fabia) on Only Fans.

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