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Colby Covington: Jon Jones ‘doesn’t have the right scientist, the right juice’ to fight any more

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Colby Covington thinks the former Light Heavyweight champion is done and all this Heavyweight talk is just a play for one final payday.

UFC 245: Weigh-Ins Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

We haven’t seen Colby Covington in the cage since he beat Tyron Woodley back in Sept. 2020. Since then, he’s been on the sidelines hoping his place near the top of the Welterweight rankings lands him a title shot.

And who knows, maybe it will.

Dana White has on more than one occasion stated Covington is next in line for a shot at Kamaru Usman’s belt, so it will take one hell of a performance from Leon Edwards or Nate Diaz or Stephen Thompson to change things up.

Until then, we’ll just have to put up with more trash talk from Covington as he tries to keep his name in the headlines. This week’s smack comes via the MMA Roasted podcast, where Covington gave his thoughts on Jon Jones moving to Heavyweight.

“No, he’s not fighting at heavyweight man,” Covington said. “He’s done, he doesn’t have the right scientist, the right juice to do it anymore. He knows he’s done. He’s trying to get one more cash grab and hope that it’s so much money that he never has to do anything but I don’t think he’s ever fighting again. I just don’t see it.

“If he wanted a fight, he would have fought already,” he continued. “He would have went back to Light Heavyweight and fought Jan or something. But he’s too small for heavyweight man. He’s just looking to get a big cash grab with Francis ... but he knows he’s going to get knocked out so he’s trying to get as much money as he can to take that ass beating.”

Of course, those following the latest Jon Jones saga know he’s looking to renegotiate his contract and that’s what’s keeping him out of active rotation. Maybe he does indeed see his days at the top are numbered (age comes for us all) and wants to get paid properly for any further fights, which is just smart on his part.

But hey, props to Covington for another troll theory: that Jones can’t get the right juice no more, so now he’s looking for one last pay day. We wonder if that was Colby’s creation, or another bit of material ghostwritten by his “creative partner” John Harnett.